So, What Happens in an Internet Minute?

Posted on Wed, Mar 30, 2016 @ 08:00 AM by Carlos Lahrssen

Internet MinuteI recently traveled abroad on a ski trip with my family and while all our stuff was packed, all reservations were made and we were good to go, one thing kept us all thinking: Are we going to have good quality Internet and/or WiFi access everywhere?

These days staying connected through a reliable Internet connection seems as important as every other detail related to our trip. How will we call back home while roaming? How will I post my pics on Instagram? How will I let my Facebook friends know where I am and what I’m doing?

How will I read and send work email? Because, yes, we live in a fast and competitive world so we must remain connected.

Internet Access While Skiing: a Bigger Purpose

After solving this huge travel puzzle and finding out we would have WiFi access during our stay, I was completely surprised it meant we would have Internet access throughout the slopes--yes, across the mountain while skiing down!

This was simply amazing!

The Internet has gone to unimaginable places, but hey, this was not only to send pics after that great jump or at the top of the glacier--this had a bigger purpose: to communicate with each other should we get lost across 200 runs, 8,171 acres of terrain, 16 alpine bowls spread out between two separate mountains.

Regardless, we took the pictures and shared all over.

A long ski day went by and after checking email and browsing through every social media app possible and of course, posting our very cool pics, I thought to myself, what happens in an Internet minute?

Traveling at the Speed of Internet 

> 1 minute

We are sending email, searching on Google, posting pictures, tweeting, downloading apps and content; we are sending and receiving tons of data every second.

I did a bit of research and this is what I found: impressive data that could very well amaze you as much as it did me:

> 6 Wikipedia Articles are Published: This is simply amazing, a crowdsourced encyclopedia that creates about 260,000 new articles every month!

> 20 New Victims of Identity Theft: At an average cost per victim of $5,130 for identity theft, an Internet minute is costing an average of $147,744,000 a day! (4)

> 30 Hours of Video are Uploaded: Let's see, 30 hours account for 1,800 minutes so that means that a regular minute for us translates into 1,800 internet minutes; amazing!

> 1,300 New Mobile Users: Well, that's good for AT&T, verizon and the likes, not to mention Apple and Android phone sales!


> 3,000 Photo Uploads: OK, so we are spreading 129,600,000 pictures every month all around the Internet, nice!

> 61,141 Hours of Music: Now this one is definitely my favorite. We are talking about music here. One single minute over the Internet carries around 1,222,820 songs considering an average of 3 minutes per song. I still do not know who to thank, Napster or Apple's iTunes!

> 47,000 Application Downloads: Want to become an app developer? I just gave you a reason to, just make sure you charge for your app! About 1,000 apps are uploaded to the app store every day. (6)

> $83,000 In Sales: Amazon alone generated $107B in net sales for 2015, but total Internet sales account for $43,027,200,000. What? My calculator crashed. (5)

> 100,000 Tweets: This is a powerful tool. These short messages or tweets generate news, panic, opinions, Donald Trump jokes, customer service complaints, anything you want the world to read, you can do it here.

> 1.3 Million Video Views: OK, the data missing here I could not find is how many of those are cat videos and how many are truly educational? Nevermind, 1.3M is a big number for a single minute!

> 2 Million Search Queries: Because before we buy, we look for better prices. Because before going to that restaurant or that hotel we check reviews. We check for everything and we do so through simple online searches. The popular site reaches 350 Million unique monthly visitors and has 320 Million reviews and opinions covering more than 6.2 MIllion acommodations, restaurants, etc. (2)

> 6 Million Facebook Views: OK let's get this one out in the open. We do online search 2 Million times every minute but we look at Facebook 6 Million times. That tells me we care what others do three times as much as what we look for our own purpose. Peeping Toms here?

> 20 Million Photo Views: Well that makes sense. An average teen user has 150 followers and we are posting about 3,000 photos every minute. Instagram is the leading photo sharing app so, do the math. (3)

> 204 Million Emails Sent: This is the biggest number for the an application that is said to be dying. Many apps are being developed so that we do not depend on email since email is not the best way to communicate amongst teams. Well, I wonder what this number was 5 years ago…

The Proliferation of IoT Devices

I have not mentioned IoT or Internet of Things which is basically new devices that are connected through the Internet and are able to talk to each other. Think of your A/C Thermostat starting at a preset temperature when you open the door because the lock sent a message saying you were home.

Connected devices involved in IoT are expected to jump from around 15 billion today to as many as 100 billion in the not-too-distant future. (1)

So we conclude, we need and depend on an Internet connection to do all of these things and much more. We bank, we make reservations, we look at the earth virtually from space, we even use it for phone service (VoIP) to make our lives easier  and more productive yet we never thought what happened on an Internet minute.

These numbers are set to grow exponentially which brings me to my next question: Are providers ready to match user's demands? Fortunately, the answer is yes!


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