What Are the Benefits of a Cloud-Based PBX?

Posted on Tue, Sep 15, 2015 @ 09:17 AM by Carlos Lahrssen

Does your business phone system need an upgrade?If business phone systems could be displayed with a spectrum from traditional phone lines to advanced Internet phone systems, cloud-based private branch exchange (PBX) systems would fall right in the middle. More affordable than voice-over IP phone solutions and with valuable features beyond those of conventional phones, cloud-based PBX technologies make it possible for small-medium businesses to improve their systems without scrapping existing models.

In broad terms, cloud PBX systems connect local phone networks to the Internet using in-office PBX devices. With Internet connection, analog-cloud hybrid systems then reap many of the core benefits of full VoIP systems at a fraction of the up-front cost. While all growing businesses should consider a complete VoIP phone network, there are benefits of upgrading with a cloud-based PBX before making a full transition.

If you acknowledge that a cloud-based phone upgrade is a must for your business, but don’t have the resources or company buy-in to purchase complete VoIP systems, cloud-based PBX technology may provide the perfect middle ground solution for your organization.

A Phone Solution for Growth-Oriented Businesses

Cloud-based PBX solutions connect existing phone systems to the Internet via a software-based PBX device; this device can connect many standard and IP devices on one network over VoIP gateways, USB and everyday Internet routers.

This type of configuration makes it very easy for businesses to introduce new phone lines or connect new IP devices to the system. Regardless of how many phone lines, locations or team members you currently have or expect to have as your business grows, cloud-based PBX systems provide the flexibility to scale as-needed.

When implementing a new phone system in the past, some scaling guesswork was almost always involved - you’d have to anticipate your own growth potential and purchase new phone models/lines accordingly. Of course, if your numbers were off and you didn’t meet or exceeded the growth goals you had when you bought your phones, it would end up costing you.

Cloud PBX systems share many of the basic benefits of complete VoIP solutions; one of the most valuable of which is simplified scaling and transitioning as an organization grows.

Ease of Use and Personal Devices

When companies implement cloud-based PBX systems, all users get to keep their existing phone models and devices. The only real transition phase that teams face with cloud PBX is the short time it takes to learn new software.

Over the PBX network, users can even connect using personal web-enabled tablets, smartphones and computers, enabling voicemail control, Internet calls, call routing and analytics on-the-go. This is a huge advantage for businesses with active field agents or multiple office locations, as well as relocations to new facilities.

Cloud Functionality to Push Your Business Forward

Cloud-based PBX systems, a mesh between traditional phone networks and IP phones, give companies the basic benefits of VoIP while letting users keep their existing phone configurations. These benefits include features such as:

  • Voicemail to email
  • Hassle-free reconfiguration/relocation
  • Mobile integration
  • Disaster recovery
  • Call screening
  • Conference calling via Web
  • Communications software and analytics
  • Automated call routing

While cloud features, device connectivity and reduced price are general ways a cloud PBX benefits business users, the most valuable is how this technology fuels organizational growth. PBX systems grow as the businesses using them grow. In this sense, cloud-based phone systems of any kind are well-suited for businesses of any size; cloud-based PBX, specifically, is a lucrative option for organizations expecting significant growth on the horizon.

Perhaps the best way for growing businesses to implement a cloud PBX phone system is by contacting a service provider that offers PBX hardware and support as part of their service package, and gradually implementing these solutions within existing facilities.


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