Top Questions About IP Phone Systems

Posted on Mon, Oct 13, 2014 @ 11:02 AM by Carlos Lahrssen

What makes IP phone systems so special compared to traditional phone systems?

Interested in learning more about IP phone systems? Here are some of your top questions, answered.

How is an IP phone system different than a traditional (landline) phone system?
The main difference is that IP phone systems work through the internet or your local network (LAN) rather than through land-based telephone wires. Because of this major difference, IP phone systems have many capabilities and advantages over landline phone systems. Most IP phone systems now use cloud-based technology. 

Carlos Lahrssen, president and CEO of Nexogy, points out that "typically, adding services, IP Phones, features, etc. is much more effective and efficient under this model than traditional lines." 

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How many lines can an IP phone system have?
IP phone systems are scalable, which means they don't use physical phone ports and can be expanded without replacing the entire system. You can have as many different users as you need, and the users can be in different locations as long as each location has an internet connection or local network. Cell phones can also be integrated into the system.

What are the costs involved in IP phone systems?
Costs of having an IP phone system include recurring monthly fees as well as the purchase or lease of phones that will make and receive IP calls. One advantage to having an IP phone system is that you won't have costs for the actual calls made. You will also have lower costs for upgrading equipment, since updates come through software and are usually automatic.
If problems with clarity or speed occur, there may be costs including upgrading routers, obtaining higher speed internet service, or investing in a device to help get rid of jitters that sometimes occur with IP phone systems. These are mostly one-time costs and still yield savings over traditional phone systems.

Can I use an existing fax with an IP phone system? 
Yes, there are methods of integrating an existing fax machine into an IP phone system about which your provider can give you more information.

Can I keep my existing telephone number(s)?
Yes, your existing phone numbers can be used with an IP phone system.

What happens if the internet connection or network goes down?
Phones will not operate if the internet is down, but some IP phone systems have automated attendants that answer calls until service is restored and can often route calls to cell phones or specific mailboxes.

Are IP phone systems easy to install, learn and use?
IP phone systems are as easy to use as landline phones. Your provider will install the phones and also train users how to use all the features of the new system. 

The advantages of IP phone systems for businesses are clear. 

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Carlos Lahrssen is president of Nexogy.

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