[Video] What is the "Chinese Menu" Approach to Pricing?

Posted on Tue, Mar 29, 2016 @ 08:00 AM by Juan Canto

Take a moment and imagine walking into a Chinese restaurant: among the many Buddhas, fish tanks, and lucky cats, chances are, there are too many items on the menu to count. While choice can be a great thing, sometimes you just want clear-cut options that eliminate the guesswork. 

Now place this analogy into the scenario of buying a phone. There are hundreds of features you could choose, but here at nexogy, we find the "Chinese menu" approach to pricing wildly unnecessary. Watch the video below to see how the "KISS" approach allows us to cater to your pain points and needs effectively. One rate, one price--simplicity at its finest. 

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Juan Canto
Juan Canto
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