We're Moving: Should I Move My Existing Phone System?

Posted on Fri, Oct 30, 2015 @ 09:00 AM by Juan Canto

Cloud-based phone systems make moving your business's phone systems easy!Moving your business to a new office makes for a very exciting time, whether you’re making the change to fit your growing company or because you’ve found a location more suited to your needs. However, while the concept of moving to a new office sounds like an appealing change at face-value, actually doing so (physically relocating yourself, your team and your entire business) can be a bit more complicated.

Of all the stressors involved in moving a business, it’s the ones that fly under the radar that often cause the most stress. Setting up new Internet, bills and business phone systems can be a major hassle during the transition phase from one office to another. In this blog, we’ll address the latter and provide some helpful information on moving with - or without - your business’s current phone system.

Is It Worth Moving Phone Systems to New Locations?

To put things bluntly, moving existing phone systems is, in many cases, rarely worth the hassle. For one, it’s going to cost you more to transfer and set up existing hardware than it would to simply sell or return the hardware, and have new systems installed and ready in your new offices.

Moving existing systems also requires a bit of down-time; the time it takes to physically disconnect, transport and reinstall phone systems in your new location. Weekend moves can be helpful in these situations, but typically cost more and aren’t worth the trouble if it’s time to upgrade your phone system anyways.

If you’re not currently using some form of cloud-enabled phone systems in your offices and planning on a move, it’s probably time to upgrade to such systems in your new office. In fact, if you had upgraded to VoIP phone systems or similar devices sooner, making the move would be many times easier. Once you’ve set up Internet in your new office and have informed your VoIP provider of the change, the only set up you’ll have to do in your new office is plugging in the phones and turning them on.

If you’re phone systems are outdated or not working for you, leave them behind. If you currently use VoIP phone systems in your office, congratulations! Enjoy keeping the same equipment in your new location and an easy move.

Other Things to Consider When Moving Offices

Outside of the additional labor costs (if you’re moving your existing phone system) or installation costs (if you’re installing new lines), there are a few other things you should think about when moving offices.

  • If you’re moving your phone system, there’s good chance your lines will be down for some time. To limit this, inform your phone vendor of the move at least two weeks in advance. For VoIP phone systems, make sure Internet connection is set up in your new office before moving day.
  • Don’t forget to update billing information! This goes for all services you pays for, not just phone systems.
  • Keep your team informed on the change, as well as any new systems of functions your phone systems will have in new offices.

Above all, don’t hesitate to reach out to your phone system vendor well before the move to discuss the transition with them; it’s something they’ve helped countless growing businesses with before.

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