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Posted on Wed, Jun 26, 2019 @ 05:14 PM by Brian Asher

J&J are a small chain of Asian restaurants that operate in the Arizona and New Mexico area. Like many successful small businesses, they were aiming to expand and had recently opened a brand new fifth location. J&J had requested from the Master Partner a set of five phones, a fax machine, and three new local numbers that their customers can call for ordering takeout, reservations, or just getting information such as directions to the place. However, there was a catch. Because of their culture and their superstitions, they specifically requested that the last four digits of those new phone numbers should not include the numbers "1" and "4", as having such numbers would be a bad omen for their business. 

Smiling barista holding open sign in the bar-1In addition to that, they also requested that their new numbers have as many "6s" and "8s" as possible, as in their culture, those numbers would be a good omen and would bring prosperity and luck to their business. The Master Partner worked with a variety of other providers for a month and a half but none could meet the needs of J&J. Finally, they asked if nexogy could do this daunting task that no other provider were able to do. The Nexogy Provisioning Team worked tirelessly for 2 days and were able to provide J&J with their three numbers, each one meeting the needs and desires of the customer.

Awed by the speed and efficacy of nexogy, J&J as well as the Master Partner asked nexogy if we could assume total responsibility for the project as a whole, to which we accepted. When the signatures were inked, nexogy only had 27 days to complete the project or else the new restaurant would not be ready for its opening. Nexogy rolled up our sleeves and completed the project for them in a mere 22 days, not only providing them with the high quality products and services that we are known for, but also giving them more time to work on other aspects of the opening rather than spend their energy on this aspect. 

Through a combination of our diligent communications between us and J&J and our ability to provide a quick turnaround from accepting the project to finishing it, we were able to provide J&J with everything they requested and then some. This great experience with nexogy has not only improved the communications ability of J&J, but it has also led them to recommending nexogy to other restaurants in the area. In addition to that, the Master Partner, after seeing the high standard of products and services that nexogy provided, has marked nexogy as the preferred vendor and supplier for his other SMB clientele. This case is a perfect example of the dedication to quality and service that only nexogy can provide. Contact us today to learn how your business can succeed with our help. 

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