Why Should my Small Business Move to Cloud-Based Technologies?

Posted on Wed, Apr 6, 2016 @ 10:36 AM by Carlos Lahrssen

Cloud-based TechnologiesHave you ever sent a tweet from your phone, or checked your email on-the-go? How about updating a Facebook status, or GPSing somewhere while driving?

If so, then you are a user of cloud-based technologies. “Cloud” is a term for accessing applications, programs, and other software through the Internet. Fancy.

Despite the recent Frontier outage, as a society we’ve grown to depend on a very fast connection on reliable networks. Our move from hardware-based businesses to mobile cloud-based has been wicked fast, and there’s no sign of that momentum stopping. In fact, Forbes’s 2015 State of the Cloud Report has revealed that 88% of organizations are using the public cloud while 63% are using a private cloud.

If you are still hardware-based, you are missing out on the many benefits cloud-based technologies can offer you! Check out some reasons to make the switch and get your head off the ground and in the cloud:

It Grows as you do

Since you aren’t shackled by hardware with the cloud, you can scale and adjust as needed. All of your needs are off-premises and remote, meaning you can use as much (or as little) of the server as you deem appropriate for your business instantly.

No more waiting on hardware to be “installed” or “implemented.” This gives small business owners a real edge above competitors!

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Say something horrible happens -- like a natural disaster or freak accident -- and all of your laptop’s data gets erased or damaged.

Having a cloud-based backup means your information is backed up on the Internet, and thus not bound to a specific computer or phone. The same goes for automatic updates, as well. No more annoying manual overhauls of software, or purchasing new editions, for that matter!

Recovering it is as simple as logging into that account, or accessing that application once more. Even if you accidentally delete something in the cloud, your backup will recover it! We all make mistakes; so having this safety cushion is nice. You could say... it’s as comfy as a cloud.

You Save Benjamins

Who doesn’t like to hear they can save money? As we’ve said before, regardless of your needs, not having to buy hardware alone can save you considerable cash. All you do is pay a subscription every month to maintain your cloud. Setting up has never been easier for businesses--and you don’t have to depend on an IT department to do everything anymore.

Nowadays anyone with a laptop, cell phone, and Internet has the capability of running a business--though you should always ensure you have the best business communications possible!

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Real-Time Updates

Gone are the days when you have to wait or send document revisions back and forth. The cloud updates in real-time, so any edits or new revisions will reflect in the cloud itself--the back-and-forth emails can come to a stop, and your inbox can breathe a sigh in relief.

Benefits in a Nutshell

To tie everything together, why should you make the switch? The cloud makes it easy and is all of the following:

  • Flexible for your desired growth rate
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to implement
  • Has automatic updates & backup
  • Shows real-time revisions so you’re always up-to-date

Are you ready? Whether you implement a hybrid or complete cloud strategy, doing so can benefit your business. The aforementioned cloud report also shows that 55% of enterprises’ existing application portfolios aren’t in the cloud, but they are built with cloud-friendly architectures.

To learn more about upgrading your business’s communications to cloud-based technologies, we invite you to check out our free resources!

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