Why You Need to Take Care of Your Internal Customers

Posted on Fri, Jan 30, 2015 @ 08:10 PM by Carlos Lahrssen

Phone systemsCustomer service is an essential part of running any business that provides a product or service. One factor most people don't consider when they think about customer service is internal customer service, or customer service that involves assisting co-workers as they handle external customer issues.

According to Mediacurrent marketing consultant Adam Waid, providing great internal customer service to co-workers leads directly to better external customer service, which contributes significantly to higher levels of customer retention and satisfaction.

Communication is the key to internal customer service. Employees tend to put off requests from co-workers, and yet these requests are often made on behalf of external customers to handle problems they need help from a co-worker to resolve. By making sure to follow up on co-worker requests as they are able, overall customer service will be improved.

Here are some suggestions on how to improve internal customer service:

Let co-workers know what to expect from you.

Balancing the needs of external and internal customers isn't always easy. If it will take some time to handle an internal request, let your co-worker know right away that you've received the request and when you can act on it. If you can't get it taken care of when you said you would or if complications arise, keep co-workers posted on your progress just as you would an external customer.

Make an effort to see the big picture.

Understanding how the company as a whole functions can help resolve interdepartmental issues and make it easier to know how to proceed when a service issue arises. 

Phone systems

Strive to exceed expectations.

When you do your best to help your co-workers, you will earn their respect and inspire them to help others as well. Doing what it takes to resolve issues creates a climate where good work is expected and valued. Spreading positivity and a can-do attitude lifts the company as a whole and often spills over into interactions with external customers as well.

Get personal - in a professional way.

Make the effort to learn your co-workers' names and faces. Address them by name whenever possible. Business phone system features can help you be more personal in your communications by using video conferencing for face-to-face interaction, even if your co-worker works off-site.

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Phone Systems Can Help Internal Communications

Features of your business phone system can make communicating with other employees more effective. The same productivity features - call routing, call forwarding, and sending voicemails to email, among others--that improve external customer service also make internal customer service more effective.

For smaller companies, the mobility of a business phone system can make it easier to reach the employee with the expertise to resolve an issue, even when he or she is traveling. The tracking features of a phone system can help employees know who has handled similar issues in the past so that they know who to contact for assistance. In short, a quality phone system can make it easier to provide great customer care to both internal and external customers.

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Carlos Lahrssen is president of Nexogy.


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