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Before choosing to be a reseller for anyone, you need to feel confident that they provide not only the telecom management services you need but also vital security measures for your customers. We created our managed firewall as a value-added service for our resellers, in partnership with Sophos, a leading security provider.

As a reseller, you know that offering VoIP and IP-PBX isn't enough to keep you competitive in the marketplace. Customers want a suite of competitive telecom management services offerings; firewall-as-a-service is one of them. When you pair nexogy's security offerings with its comprehensive telephony options, you gain a comprehensive set of solutions that set you apart from the crowd. Visit nexogy online to learn more about our managed firewall services. To start reselling nexogy to your customers, become a partner today.

Preventing DDoS Attacks

One of the biggest challenges facing businesses and their telecom providers is DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks, which cost the average business $2.5 million per incident. Costs are related not only to responding to the incident in the moment but also to remediating and repairing overwhelmed systems.

Telephony denial-of-service attacks are a subset of DDoS attacks that are aimed at VoIP systems. An automated dialer that dials a number and hangs up, over and over, can significantly disrupt business. The expanding internet of things, from industrial sensors to internet-connected refrigerators, can also be hijacked and transformed into bots that transmit a tsunami of requests into a company's network: traffic becomes overwhelming, reducing available bandwidth and leading to dropped calls and communications downtime.

Firewalls help to filter those requests, separating legitimate customers from attack bots. They achieve this by filtering requests from certain IP addresses, telephone numbers, and locations. Advanced firewalls can even track network events and provide data for future mitigation and remediation. With nexogy, you gain access to advanced firewall-as-a-service technology, which can prevent attacks before they happen and help customers understand their own threat landscapes.


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