Your Phone System Can Help Keep Things Fair

Posted on Wed, Dec 31, 2014 @ 08:14 PM by Carlos Lahrssen

Phone systemSmall business owners and managers want to be fair and treat employees equally. As human beings though, it's difficult to be perfectly objective. We have preferences - certain employees we just feel more comfortable with, can relate to personally, or whose work habits we think are excellent and want to reward.

It takes a good deal of intention and work for a human being to be truly objective. It can also take away part of the instinct or gut feeling that makes a business person successful. It always seems that no matter how fair an owner or manager tries to be, someone feels slighted or overlooked. But believe it or not, various tools and programs can help keep things fair. That's where a business phone system comes in. 

Make Objectivity Easier to Achieve

Business phone systems can help resolve the problem of objectivity by using algorithms and programs to fairly distribute the workload, at least the part of the workload that involves phone calls. In most businesses, even if phone calls are not the work itself (as in a call center), phone calls initiate work (like with sales leads). 

IP phone systems offer features like automated call routing, which sends incoming calls either in a predetermined order or to the most available employee. Within a call center or outside one, this is a fair way to make sure all employees share the call load and that one employee doesn't bear an unfair share of phone time.

Phone systems can also make sales more fair. Instead of giving sales leads to the favored or top salesperson, it is possible to distribute pre-programmed call lists equally among all the sales staff. By automating this process, managers take favoritism out of the equation and give all sales employees an even playing field. 

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Line Hunting Makes Things Fair

Phone systemThe process by which your phone system can distribute work fairly and easily is called line hunting. There are two main varieties of line hunting. In the first, incoming calls are routed to each line in order, round-robin style. Lines are only skipped if they are already busy on a call. This formulation of call distribution is effective in making sure all employees get a similar number of calls or amount of phone time.

The other variety of line hunting routes calls to the person who has been idle the longest. This type is often used with call centers to ensure that all employees get a similar amount of calls, taking length of call into consideration. 

Fairness Through Technology

Although employees may be quick to complain about perceived inequalities in work distribution, automating this process makes it easier to address complaints. In time, employees will see that things are being done fairly. The fact that this process is automated also helps managers spend their time doing other tasks that can benefit the company, including giving specific feedback. Statistics are also provided through the phone system, making it easy for managers and owners to see trends from a fact-based, objective perspective. 

Workplace equality and fairness is more than an employee morale issue. In today's work culture, it can be a legal requirement. Phone systems can help protect companies against damaging accusations of unfairness and make a better workplace environment for everyone.

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Carlos Lahrssen is president of Nexogy.


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