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High-speed bandwidth that allows businesses to perform large data transfers and stream voice/video applications.



Power up your Small Business with fast, reliable Internet services.

Broadband Prices (AT&T)






100 / 20M


200 / 40M

300 / 75M


100 / 100M

1GB / 200M

200 / 200M

300 / 300M

500 /500M

1GB / 1GB



















Here’s a WIN-WIN for your business:

  • WIN 25Mbps Internet for only $69.69/mo
  • Plus, WIN with nexogy Phone service for only $17.99/mo
  • Get a FREE OFFICE LINE softphone

Bundle it up with nexogy's cloud-based phone system for maximum savings… 
with all phone system features and unlimited long distance call included*

*it's a no-brainer

It Takes Speed for Businesses to Succeed

With uploads just as fast as downloads, sharing or publishing information online has never been faster.

High bandwidths make fiber perfect for businesses and facilities that require a connection for many devices at a given time.

Faster speeds allow companies to better collaborate with clients and partners online

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Answers To Your Questions

Q. Are there other features that cost extra?
NOPE! Use your internet service and softphone on any Smartphone with ease.

Q. Does this VoIP really work?
More than 17,000 users can’t be wrong.  The reliability of our system is really at par or better than land phone systems, at just a fraction of the cost.

Q. What are the minimum requirements to make it work? 
You Just need an Internet connection. A basic regular Internet connection of 6Mbps will work.  We can assess your current connection speeds, and if you need more, we can provide you with a dependable high-speed Internet service. 

Q. What does it take to deploy the phone system to everyone in my company?
Once we are on the same page, your system can be deployed in as little as 5 business MINUTES.

Q. What if there is a problem with the voice quality?
Reach us at support@nexogy.com

Q. What are the advantages of bundling?
Not only are bundles cheaper than buying the services individually, they’re also convenient because you don’t have to deal with more than one supplier