Ownership Rights

All copyrights, websites, corporate names, service marks, trademarks, trade names, logos, marketing materials, domain names, software and all other intellectual property and goodwill associated therewith originating with NEXOGY or provided by NEXOGY  to Customer belong to NEXOGY  and/or its licensors and are the exclusive property of NEXOGY  and/or its licensors.  Customer does not have a right or license to use any of such properties belonging to NEXOGY and/or its Licensors.  Customer represents that Customer possesses all required rights and licenses, including, but not limited to, all required software, hardware, and/or equipment licenses, to use any device in conjunction with NEXOGY ’S Service.  Customer shall not reverse compile, disassemble, or reverse engineer or otherwise attempt to derive or obtain any codes, including source codes, in connection with the Services or Device used.

Upon termination of your Service, NEXOGY  may release to Customer’s new service provider the telephone number that Customer ported to NEXOGY  from Customer’s previous service provider and used in connection with the Services if the new service provider is able to accept the number, Customer’s account is completely current through termination and Customer requests the transfer in writing upon termination of its Service.