Services Not Provided

NEXOGY'S Service does not provide for 0+ calling (including without limitation collect, third party billing, 900 or calling card calling).NEXOGY’S Service does not support 311, 511 or other x11 (other than 911 and 411).NEXOGY does not list phone numbers for Customers in phone directories. Accordingly, the phone numbers Customers obtain fromNEXOGY may not be listed in any phone directories. In addition, in certain countries, toll-free numbers are not accessible from mobile phones and payphones or may require payment before accessing.

Customer acknowledges and agrees that NEXOGY is not responsible for ensuring the availability of an international number Customer is adding to its Nexogy line or Service (referred to and may be sold by NEXOGY as an “International Local Number”) because the international number may be provided by a third party which NEXOGY does not control. Accordingly, the International Local Number may be canceled, ported or eliminated by the third party provider and, therefore, it may be necessary for Customer to change the international number. Once the service is canceled by Customer, the International Local Number may be reassigned to another.  NEXOGY is not responsible for ensuring that said International Local Number can be ported to another service provider anywhere.

Customer acknowledges and agrees that local and toll-free numbers cannot be used for calling card applications.