Collaborate with scheduled conference calls.

ScheduledConference Webportal

Easily collaborate with clients, partners, vendors and colleagues with multi-participant conference calling capabilities. In only a few minutes time, you can get all your contacts together on a single phone line for important meetings. Here’s how:

  • Schedule and moderate multi-participant conference calls.
  • Create conference calls from any phone or web browser.
  • Send participants call information via automated emails. 
  • Manage conference calls and attendees while your conference is active via the web portal.
  • Enable "reservation-less" conferencing with personal, reuseable conference IDs. 

Smooth, Successful Conference Calls from Anywhere

Schedule and organize calls from anywhere—not just your desk. Once you’re on the line, moderate and manage the call through your web portal. This lets you achieve maximum phone meeting productivity and a better user experience. Capabilities include: 

  • See who’s on the line.
  • Mute or un-mute attendees.
  • Record conversations for archives and reference.

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