Busy season? Efficiently manage call center peaks with automatic call distribution.

Nexogy ACD QueueDon’t let your call center or help desk get bogged down with an influx of calls. Promptly and professionally answer inquiries—and deliver exceptional customer service—with an automatic call distribution (ACD) system from Nexogy. Route incoming calls between agents and queues for the most efficient response times.

  • Answer calls in the order that they are received. Route them to available agents based on who has been idle the longest, or by using a top-to-bottom or round robin approach.
  • Distribute calls beyond the contact center. ACD may include agents working from home or other remote locations.
  • Integrate on-hold music and announcements while callers wait for the next available agent.
  • Set overflow actions, such as route to voicemail or another line, if too many calls enter a single queue.