Stay connected out of the office—and maintain work-life balance
with find me, follow me.

Web PortalDon’t worry about missing an important phone call the next time you are out of the office. With Nexogy’s find me, follow me phone call forwarding service, automatically redirect incoming calls to your mobile device or another phone line.

Find me, follow me gives you flexibility to work from the road, home or an offsite location with ease and the reassurance that you can be reached as needed. And, it won’t invade your personal life—keep your mobile number private and separate, while maintaining always-on availability for professional contacts.

  • Set a calendar of the days and times that you will be available, and the numbers in which you can be reached, to effectively and automatically route incoming calls.
  • Make it easy for clients, colleagues and vendors. They only need to remember one number to reach you anytime—no matter where you are. 
  • Keep your cell phone number private, while maintaining always-on availability.