Experience enterprise communications with SIP trunking.

Nexogy SIP TrunkDoes your enterprise want to make full use of onsite IP-PBXs for internal and external communications? A SIP trunk is the solution.

Unlike traditional telephony, where bundles of physical wires were once delivered from the service provider to a business, a SIP trunk allows your company to replace its traditional fixed PSTN lines with PSTN connectivity via a Hosted Telephony Service Provider.

Experience significant cost-savings by eliminating the need for local analog phone company lines, as well as costly ISDN T1 or PRIs.

Nexogy’s SIP trunking services start at $14.99 per line.

Realize the benefits of a SIP trunk at your business:

  • Instant Cost Savings: Converge local, long distance and broadband internet services within a single pipe with dynamic bandwidth allocation.
  • Cost-Effective Local & International Long Distance: Reduce toll charges from SIP origination/termination services to the PSTN for local and long distance calls.
  • Legacy System Compatibility: Preserve existing capabilities with seamless integration into existing systems, even if it’s not an IP PBX. Nexogy provides legacy PBX trunking to customers with existing telephone system infrastructure.
  • Geographic Deployment of DIDs: Telephony managers can simply add and select DIDs (or direct inward dial) from more than 200 cities around the world. They’re all served through one central PBX.
  • Disaster Recovery: An IP network's distributed architecture is inherently more fault tolerant than its fixed line.
  • Flexibility: A single SIP trunk increases the flexibility and ease of adding, subtracting, or changing a line.

Additional SIP Trunking & PBX Trunking Benefits

Along with the business benefits listed above, enjoy all of the basics that are a part of SIP telephone services and unified communications, including:

  • Enhanced 911 Service
  • 411 Directory Assistance
  • Interactive User Portal for setup and MACs
  • Outbound CID presentation of BTN of Virtual Trunk Groups
  • Multiple Location Interoperability
  • Local Number Portability Management
  • Track and Download CDRs through Admin Portal
  • SMS
  • Long Distance Bundles or A La Carte Options (as needed)
  • 800 Toll Free Numbers
  • Direct Operation with IP PBXs (with no additional hardware)
  • Operates with Legacy CPE through a Simple VoIP Gateway 

Take advantage of Nexogy’s SIP trunking solutions, for quick and reliable connections, as well as reduced costs on phone lines with traditional local and international long distance calls. 

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