nexogy's Leadership



Carlos Lahrssen

Carlos Lahrssen is president and CEO of nexogy, as well as founder, president and CEO of LD Telecommunications, Inc., Nexogy’s parent company.

Lahrssen is an industry fan, follower and advocate — staying ahead of the latest telecommunications trends and technologies. Lahrssen specializes in architecting customized VoIP applications. He helps businesses navigate the move to a hosted PBX solution, with background in the inner workings of Nexogy’s most advanced technologies. Carlos, <heir tuto> is actively criticized for his love and affection for every apple product, including Newton and the apple IIC; do not mention the word "Android" or "Microsoft" as you will forever loose his attention.

Read Carlos Lahrssen’s recent blog posts, or connect on LinkedIn and Twitter (@lahrssen)

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Juan Canto

Juan Canto is CFO for Nexogy and LD Telecommunications, Inc., Nexogy's parent company. 

Canto has been serving as CFO since 2000, and specializes in commercial and corporate banking, as well as U.S. cross-border transactions. Canto helps his clients strategically determine which technologies will have the most financial impact for an organization. When he goes to a restaurant, he never knows what to order, he always asks everyone what they're having.

Read Juan Canto's recent blog posts, or connect on LinkedIn and Twitter @jcanto73


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Felipe Lahrssen

Mr. Felipe Lahrssen co-founded LDTeleCom with Mr. Carlos Lahrssen in 1999.

In his current role as Vice President and COO, Mr. Lahrssen is actively involved in strategic planning for the Company and is responsible for the oversight of the delivery of products and services throughout the organization. Prior to his work at LDTeleCom, Mr. Lahrssen worked in Corporación Vencemos in Venezuela, the largest cement producer in Venezuela, as industrial production supervisor. Mr. Lahrssen holds a Bachelors Degree in Industrial Engineering from the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello where he was ranked 8th out of 58 in his class. Mr. Lahrssen has also completed two years towards a Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering at the Universidad Simón Bolívar in Caracas, Venezuela. Felipe is also known for its extreme ability to both cook and eat chicken; don't ask, won't share recipe.

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Carlos Mathison

Carlos Mathison is the VP of Information Systems and Development of Nexogy.

Mathison is a web applications profesional with more than 10 years of experience planning, managing, developing and delivering web related products. From Front End to Back end, always focused on the best, cutting edge and trending user interfaces, making end user experience the best and more effective possible. Carlos started riding road bikes about two months ago and he really, really needs a new helmet. Paypal accepted.


David Ancona

David Ancona is the VP of Client Relations and Operations of Nexogy 

David Ancona is a Senior Telecom Executive with over 14 years of experience in several different facets of Telecommunications from Customer Service, Technical Support, Platform Administration, Product Implementation / deployment, Product Management & Financial Analysis. 

David’s background includes many years of hands on recruiting, training, and deploying customer service professionals in facilities designed to handle high-volume, complex customer cases and to provide the highest professional quality service. David is an avid flyer on red-eye flights to and from South America. He never complains about it though...



Irvin Rodriguez

Irvin Rodriguez is the Chief Engineer Officer of Nexogy. 

 Irvin is a perceptive, results-driven, focused Engineering professional with outstanding success directing a broad range of engineering projects while participating in planning, analyzing, and implementing organizational objectives in a management position. Excel at ensuring quality assurance and safety secure research and design, systems analysis, and full lifecycle project management of innovative products.

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Federica Schacht 

Federica Schacht is the Director of Operations of Nexogy. I put stuff here, move it there, order PO for IP Phones. And that's it. For more info, send me an email an I will tell you more :-)

Oh, I do port numbers.



Oliver Verde

Oliver Verde is the Marketing Director of Nexogy. 

"Green" is not just a color but his last Name Oliver is a visionary leader with over 15 years of diversified experience developing, driving, and implementing effective strategies and leading teams to meet and exceed corporate objectives for organizations focused on delivering best-in-class products / services / experiences.