Communications for Business: Do You Need a Phone Number for Your Company?

It’s one of the many questions you have to answer when you’re just starting out.

Maybe you’re thinking, “Why do I need a separate number tied to my office when I have a mobile phone? Mobile phones are cheap, convenient, and reliable.”

Here’s why: As your business grows it becomes increasingly hard to differentiate between personal calls and business calls.

Since the advent of everyone and their 6-year old having cell phones, people always have their phones on them and they won’t hesitate to call you at any hour.

There are a number of compelling reasons to have a dedicated business phone number. We’ll look at four of them in a moment, but first, let’s talk about the problems that arise when your phone is doing double-duty for business and personal calls.

Communications for Business: The Problems With Using a Personal Number

Continuously using your personal cell phone number for business quickly becomes a habit that’s hard to break.

It compromises privacy and disrupts your work-life balance by binding work and your personal life together. You're always exposed and vulnerable to threats and malware attacks, and you can't avoid robocalls.

As more time goes by, it’s harder to switch to a new phone number, whether it’s business or personal.

It's also more difficult to control employee-customer interactions and you run the risk of appearing unprofessional.

Why You Need a Dedicated Business Phone Number

When it comes to communications for business, a dedicated phone number is a necessity.

It goes beyond brand recognition and identifying your company as legitimate. It can also increase sales and return on investment (ROI). Your customers will appreciate it, too.

Here are a few important reasons why you need to have a dedicated business phone number.

1. Credibility

If you’re a newer business, you know how critical it is to present a good image.

The right communications for business make you look professional and, in the process, boost your business credibility. Also, having a dedicated line for business means you don't have to share with your contacts unless they are potential customers.

2. It's a Marketing Tool 

Most business phone systems record valuable information from the calls that can help with customer relationship management (CRM) and lead generation. It gives you the ability to track, monitor, and use valuable customer-related data to improve your business.

This means your business phone number is not just for calls but it’s also a factor in growing sales and ROI.

60% of customers prefer to contact a business by phone, proving that the phone remains an integral part of the online marketing equation.

3. Privacy and Security

An essential part of having a business phone number is maintaining a work-life balance.

Nobody wants to take a sales call in the middle of family dinner or while sleeping.

The flip side is that you won’t miss important calls and still keep your personal number private through smart call forwarding.

Pro tip: The privacy of your customers (as well as your own) should be a top priority when it comes to communications for business.

4. Improve Customer Satisfaction

In today’s world, customers do nearly everything online. But they prefer calling instead of email or text when they need assistance because they want (and expect) an immediate response.

When you add a virtual receptionist and a phone answering service that can make outgoing calls to remind customers of appointments and relay relevant information, you’re ready for calls 24/7.

It's much easier to retain customers if they know they can reach your business any time with a simple phone call.

Take the Next Step in Communications for Business

A dedicated business phone number is essential.

You’ll build credibility, you can rest assured that it’s private and information will stay secure, and your customers will thank you.

Plus, you can use it as an effective marketing tool.

If you don’t yet have a dedicated business phone number or you’re interested in other options for communications for business, get in touch with nexogy, and let’s talk about how we can help.

Originally posted 12/2019; Updated 5/2021

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