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Business communication technology is constantly evolving.

As a leader in the field, nexogy is excited to announce a new partnership with Jusan.

Jusan is one of the global leaders in contact center and call recording solutions with more than 60 years on the market and present in 50 countries.

Our partnering is all about providing  our customers – and our customers’ clients – additional channels of communication that translate into better service.  

This new collaboration provides a cloud-based contact center platform that allows our customers to receive, and efficiently and seamlessly manage, messages from Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Live Chat and video calls from a single interface.

Thanks to this partnership our customers will be able to streamline and optimize their communications through their social media channels, increase their sales, reduce costs, and offer an exceptional level of service.

Let’s dig into how this partnership will benefit our customers and partners.

1. Access to More Innovative Technology

Our partnership with Jusan allows us to improve our call center offering with the latest technology, allowing our customers to do more with less, which means you can spend more time focusing on what matters most: serving your customers the best way possible.

2. More Channels of Communications with Customers

When you give options, you know you’re in a better position and control of your business and that’s a good feeling.

Now, nexogy customers have access to a Cloud Social Media Contact Center. It’s all about providing the right communication options so you can make your business truly top-notch.

3. Better Customer Service

A great business is built on customer relationships. It should be at the core of everything else you do.

People tend to pay it forward when it comes to customer service. Once you’ve had a great experience, you understand how valuable it is, and you’re much more likely to give your own customers stellar service, as well.

Take a customized approach with the people and businesses you serve and they’ll pay you back in loyalty, repeat business, and maybe even referrals.

A Win-Win-WIN for You and Your Customers

This collaboration will lead to even better customer service, more efficiency in business communications solutions, and a broader range of high-quality Contact Center Solutions that are already available for you.

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