nexogy’s Contact Center Solution Functionalities

This tool is designed to give our customers important contact center statistics and data in real-time to closely monitor call activity. Even if your business is not a contact center, you'll find these tools useful for your business. 

Each of these functionalities can be set up through a simple web portal.  

Update your contact center tools — or set them up without the hardware and management — with nexogy’s cloud-based call center system.  

As you know we offer a NON A LA CARTE service which means call center functionalities are included on every nexogy phone line. All you need to add is a supervisor seat. 

Here’s what you have to look forward to: 

  • NO expensive equipment to buy.  
  • Supports multi-location and remote workforce  
  • Real Time Statistics and  Reports.  
  • All incoming calls can be routed with Automated Call Distribution (ACD)  and smart queues. Manage your Agents, configure your ACD, and set-up Hunt-Groups, all online, through the Admin Portal.  
  • Increase efficiency with CRM integration and click-to-dial feature that helps log in additional call information to the customer’s profile. 
  • Integrate your CRM with nexogy’s Cloud-Based Phone System and accelerate your Agents’ productivity by showing the customer's profile when they call you.  
  • Get real-time reporting on call center capacity, utilization and performance.  
  • Get insights with real-time dashboards that give you actionable data such as: call volume, abandoned calls, average talk time, queued calls and agent status. 
  • Administrators and supervisors have lots of powerful features that allow them to coach agents and help in calls. Improve your QA and enable better training and monitoring of agents and users at large.  
  • Improve quality on company-wide communications by allowing supervisors to record, silently monitor, and coach the agent, or even intercept active calls to speak with both the agent and caller (barge-in).    
  • Add Toll-Free and International numbers. You can even set up a vanity toll free number (think 1-800-FLOWERS), and make it easy for your callers to remember your number.    
  • If you do business internationally, you can also get a local number in the places you do business, even if you’re not physically located there. When a call is placed, these numbers will redirect to your main number or desk phone – wherever you may be.  
  • Routing algorithms include longest idle time or round-robin.  
  • With music-on-hold, announcements and music can be played for customers while they wait. 
  • Agent-level features provide helpful information about the caller and allow agents to monitor performance against KPls and set what "state" they are in.    
  • Keep your help desk or call center from getting swamped during periods of high call volume with the ability to professionally greet callers any time of the day or night.     

We offer THE Cloud-Based Call Center System That YOU Can Manage from anywhere. For more information, get in touch!

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