Per User Vs Call Path Models With nexogy

Our goal, first and foremost, is for our partners and customers to be successful.

That can’t always be said for the “big” guys. Here’s what makes us different: We’re big enough to compete, but we’re small enough to be nimble and adapt to our customers’/partners’ needs. 

One of the ways we do this is by offering communication options to suit every working situation you or your customers find themselves in. 

Before we talk specifically about our Call Path Model, let’s look at the differences between it and the Per User Model.

Per User /Seat Model

This is a “one-to-one” connection with the nexogy service, enabling every user to have full access. There are no shared resources. 

This option is ideal for call centers, companies with power users, remote workers, offices requiring heavy phone use, and small, distributed offices.

For a Business Plan through nexogy, you’ll pay $17.99 per user and this includes unlimited call paths and unlimited long distance calling in the U.S. and Canada. 

Call Path Model

This is a “one-to-many” model where the client only pays for the path into the system. The paths become a shared resource and the client can have as many phones as they want or need, with no service fee associated with those devices. 

Customers who fit into the call path model typically have a call volume of about 3:1 users per path, or more. They can use these call paths concurrently, until the number of subscribed paths is reached.

The call paths are aggregated across the entire company whether single or multi-location for economies of scale. 

Plus, it’s easy to integrate with Microsoft Teams and other CRMs. 

nexogy’s Per Line Business Plan is $39.99.

Seat vs call path model

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