What System Requirements Do I Need For Business Voip?

As an IT vendor or network administrator, you’ll need to have a thorough understanding of how your customers are using their internet bandwidth. This will help you identify how much bandwidth is truly needed to support both voice and data simultaneously. 

This knowledge also allows you to identify whether or not they’ll need more bandwidth to avoid sacrificing call quality. For example, are there dual drops? Is there a POE with VLAN capabilities, etc.  

Here’s what you need to consider. 

1. Network bandwidth 

You can implement VoIP with a high-speed internet connection. And it doesn’t use too much bandwidth. 

 As a rule of thumb, consider each simultaneous call will use 100Kbps of bandwidth. 

A good practice  is to only use 80% of the bandwidth you have available to prevent the network becoming too congested and affecting the quality of calls. 

2. Low latency and packet loss 

These are very important factors to consider for VoIP because both latency and packet loss will greatly affect the quality of the voice 

Latency is measured in “Jitter” and “Ping” to gauge the quality and consistency of your connection. It’s suggested that you have less than 100 milliseconds and 0% or as close to 0% of packet loss  

3. Ethernet 

Wireless over Wi-Fi isn’t ideal for connecting VoIP devices. A wired connection is far more reliable. (Note: It may work for some users, but be careful not to saturate the Wi-Fi access points with too many devices)  

An Ethernet connection will help you avoid the congestion that will slow things down and take away from your customers’ experience. 

You would not need two data ports on each workstation, if another device is connected to the LAN, as most IP phones have dual ports and work in bridge mode. 

4. Data prioritization 

You never know when a network issue is going to come up, but it’s a good idea to be prepared for a higher volume of traffic.  

One way to do that is to set up VoIP QoS or to give voice packets the priority on your router to optimize voice traffic. Talk to your nexogy channel manager for more info!  

Choose nexogy 

At nexogy, we can assess your current connection speeds, and, if you need more, we can provide you with a dependable high-speed Internet service.   

Get everything on one bill and get better QoS (Quality of service) using VoIP and bandwidth combined. 

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