Air Fiber: Get Dependable

Speed Internet for your business

Sharing Bandwidth Slows You Down.
Our DEDICATED Connection Speeds You up.


Your internet circuit from nexogy - and all of its bandwidth is for you and your business only.

We own and operate all of the technology behind our service, which is why you can get DEPENDABLE-speed.

We find the closest nexogy Rooftop

We have access to rooftops on tall and strategically located buildings in your area.
We install your antenna

We install a powerful, reliable antenna that receives the ultra-high-speed wireless Internet beam from your closest nexogy Rooftop.
You get fast Internet

Once your antenna is installed, your business is all set to enjoy lightning-fast download and upload Internet speeds.

Again, PRICING is so simple...(did we mention DEDICATED?)

10 Mbps
20 Mbps
Upload /Download
50 Mbps
Upload /Download

*60/mo Term Contracts

*60/mo Term Contracts

*60/mo Term Contracts

Kiomex has enjoyed the speed and reliability of nexogy® for several months and couldn't been more pleased. From start to finish the process was completely painless. The sales staff was very helpful... We would highly recommend nexogy®  to anyone looking for low cost, fast, dedicated and reliable internet service for their business needs.

Kevin Smorenburg

Questions? We have answers. 

Q. How soon can you make the network assessment?
Depending on your location, up to 3 business days.


Q. How long does it take to install it?
Maximum 5 days

Q. Is the installation complicated?
Of course, but you don't have to worry about it, it's what we do!

Q. Do I need permission from my landlord to install the rooftop antenna?
Yes, but we help you deal with them as they cannot deny you from a service you request unless there is a reason beyond control like, lack of space, power, infrastructure, etc.

Q. Is the speed truly guaranteed?
Yes, the way we install your antenna - so that it picks up signals from one of our nexogy Rooftops - absolutely guarantees the Internet speed you buy from us.

Q. Will the rain affect my internet connection?
No. We use a specific frequency that allows for strong signals through thick clouds or heavy rain. This is not satellite service, this is a dedicated internet connection to an antenna close to your site.

Q. Who is the manufacturer of the antennas?
Mimosa Network. Need more info?


Q. Is there a setup fee?
Yes, there is a one-time $399 setup fee that will cover the installation of your antenna. 

Q. Do I own the antenna once installed?
No, and you don’t need to own it. We loan it to you at no cost which is better (one of these babies cost north of $4K).