The Cloud-Based Contact Center You Can Deploy in Minutes.

THE solution for your Contact Center needs

  • NO expensive equipment to buy
  • Supports multi-location call centers
  • Real-Time Statistics and Agent Report
  • Manage your Agents, configure your ACDset-Up Hunt-Groups online through the Admin Portal

All the features you need to run and manage your Contact Center...

Route all incoming calls with Automated Call Distribution (ACD) and smart queues

Professionally greet your callers 24/7 without letting your call center get bogged down during large call volume times.

Direct your callers to the right Agent with a fully customizable ACD or hunt-group

Get real-time reporting on  capacity, utilization, and performance

Get insights with real-time dashboards that give you actionable data such as:

  • call volume,

  • abandoned calls,

  • average talk time,

  • queued calls

  • agent status..

Toll-Free and International numbers

Set up a vanity toll free number (think 1-800-FLOWERS), and make it easy for your callers to remember your number. If you do business internationally, you can also get a local number in the places you do business, even if you are not physically located there. 

Improve your QA, enable better training and monitor agents and users

Improving quality on company-wide communications requires your supervisors to be able to record, monitor and coach agents, or even intercept active calls to speak with both the agent and caller (barge-in)

Advanced Contact Center Reporting

Our Advanced Contact Center Reporting (“ACCR”) tool allows Supervisors to successfully manage their staff, campaigns and resources efficiently, in real-time

100% Customizable

• Real-Time Reporting
• Alarms
• Historical Reporting
• Scheduling
• ACD Statistics
• Not Available Codes
• ACD Group Analytics
• ACD call statistics

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Questions? We have answers. 

Q. What’s considered a user?
A user is either an agent, a manager or an administrator—basically anyone with either an extension or a license to access the system.

Q. How long does it take to get up and running?
Once you signed your agreement it will take 15-20  business days.

Q. Do you take care of training our team?

Yes, you will have a dedicated Project Coordinator during the installation process, which includes training on the phones and platform, and a Support Team available 24/7 afterward

Q. Is there a setup fee?
The Setup fee depends on the term of the agreement

Q. Do you provide phones and/or softphones?

Yes, you can purchase or rent several models and brands of IP phones. Click here to check them out. You can also get free softphones for your mobile and computer.

Q. Does Nexogy Contact Center offer support for Remote Agents?

Nexogy's services support remote agents and remote workers. Phones can be plugged anywhere a reliable Internet connection is available.

Q. Does Nexogy offer a Disaster Recovery Contingency Plan?
Yes. There are several ways to set up a disaster recovery contingency plan. The bottom line, you will be able to make and receive calls from and to your office numbers, even if your office has no power or is not accessible.

Q. I have my contact center in 4 countries… will Nexogy work?
Yes, all inbound calls will be routed according to your ACD configuration without incurring additional fees or international tolls

Q. What’s the minimum Internet speed I need for the VoIP phones to work? 

We recommend at least 100 Kbps per phone. We can assess your current connection speeds, and if you need more, we can provide you with dependable high-speed Internet service.

Q. Is Customer Service available 24/7?
Our team is available whenever you need it