Reliable fiber optic Internet Service with dedicated and symmetrical bandwidth  

Your connection to the internet is dedicated, not shared with other business, and provides a symmetrical connection:


  •  Easy and cost-effective upgrades

  • 99.9% in clarity and connection strength

  • Extensive reach in the United States

  • Equal upload and download speeds to support critical business applications 










Combine reliable high-speed Internet Service and the best Phone System to fit your unique business needs.

Questions? We have answers. 

Q. Why is it important for my upload and download speeds to both be fast?

Much of the information you share with partners, employees and suppliers live in larger files. If you’re waiting for a large document, photo or video to upload, you’re not operating your business at its full potential.

Q. How does a Dedicated Fiber Ready Building benefit me from a mobility perspective?
Fiber helps in-building wireless equipment like small cells and WiFi hotspots run at higher speeds. This means faster uploading and downloading speeds on mobile devices as well. So if your business uses mobile endpoints, smartphones and tablets, you’re operating at a distinct advantage.

Q. What can you do with faster Internet speeds?  
Quickly upload, download, and share large data files and images.
Easy backup in the cloud at one or multiple locations.
Video conference with suppliers, customers, and business partners.

Q. What happens if my Internet breaks, what’s your service recovery policy?

Nexogy's Technical Support is available 24/7

Q. Are High-Speed Internet speeds guaranteed?
With dedicated circuits over fiber, speeds are guaranteed both download and upload.