Help Desk: The Shortcut to Happy Customers

Give your customers the convenience of contacting your company through their preferred channel, be it telephone, chat, mail, Facebook, WhatsApp or any other.

Your challenge will be to provide exceptional attention, every time they need it, and solve their requirements quickly while exceeding their expectations.


Key Features

Provide your agents with tools to improve customer service while reducing costs. Easily design and customize complete service portals to solve service tickets and display the issue resolution progress. Create content, organize it, categorize it, and make it available both to your customers and service representatives.

Ensure a simple and dynamic ticket management. inConcert provides a collaborative and multilingual environment for ticket management, easy escalation, knowledge base access, canned responses, prioritization, ticket merging, and many more features aimed at productivity and efficiency in the rapid resolution of cases.
Empower your customers with intelligent self-service strategies. Omnichannel chatbots and virtual assistants powered by natural language understanding and speech recognition will assist your customers 24 hours a day while freeing your agents for tasks of greater complexity and value.
Streamline customer service support processes and increase efficiency by automating repetitive tasks. Easily configure rules for prioritization, categorization and distribution of tickets according to type of case, customer profile or language used, among others. Automate responses when tickets are created, closed, or conditions change.
Take customer service to a new level with omnichannel chatbots and virtual assistants - powered by Natural Language Understanding and Machine Learning. Benefit from intelligent interaction analysis which allows you to detect problems and deviations from service policy compliance.
Ensure quality throughout your client's journey with specialized auditing tools, enhanced with intelligent
analysis of interactions. You can detect deviations quickly and economically. Even better, you will identify not only how to improve the service, but also how to make it more profitable.
nexogy records every interaction, through digital channels and telephone calls, which are extremely useful for future claims, complaints or quality control purposes. The recordings are associated with each ticket and customer profile.
With nexogy's Help Desk platform you can add a native workforce management tool to avoid idle agents when demand is low, or not having enough agents when demand is high.

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