All Interaction Channels. One Solution.

Take your customer's experience and your business operations to a new level.

A True All-In-One Platform


Omnichannel Contact Center is the core of a customer contact center software solution. This advanced platform can bring together all your customer interactions, through the communication channel each customer prefers.


It includes all the tools needed for successful high-demand contact center operations. It’s engineered to deliver excellence in performance and customer experience, from traditional and robust dialing systems and IVRs to innovative omnichannel chatbots and speech analytics, all empowered by artificial intelligence

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Let your customers contact your business on the channel they prefer.

Deliver a personalized and uniform customer contact across multiple channels and make it profitable.

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Key Features

Discover the key features that make it possible

Omnichannel Distribution



Improve your operation results by distributing
customer interactions intelligently to the agents most qualified to respond successfully.
Independently of which channel your customers choose, configure your distribution rules to fit your business strategies. Powerful algorithms allow you to factor in the customer’s individual contact history and all of your business system data to achieve the most personalized and eficient response on every contact.




Streamline customer service support processes and increase eficiency by automating repetitive tasks. Easily configure rules for prioritization, categorization and distribution of tickets according to type of case, customer profile or language used, among others. Automate responses when tickets are created, closed, or conditions change.

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Intelligent Self-Service


Intelligent and efficient 24/7 self-service
capabilities provide your customers a
personalized service with no wait times. nexogy makes it easy to implement applications that support process automation and systems integration.
Take your customer self-service functions to the next level with chatbots and virtual assistants powered by nexogy

Reporting and Analysis 


Build your business intelligence using a report
generation tool that gives you a deep view of
individual channels or combined with other
data streams.

Omnichannel Contact Center helps you successfully manage operations with productivity indicators updated in real time so
you increase efficiencies and meet service level requirements.

Supervision & Collaboration


Achieve your service goals across all channels of communication. Increase your contact center’s productivity and provide agents with support when needed. Omnichannel Contact Center includes a powerful multi-channel supervision tool with advanced monitoring and collaboration functions that deliver minute-by-minute operational control.

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