Our cloud enables to build and manage solutions for Enterprise customers across North America

Cloud Managed Branch with SD-Internet Optimization

An enterprise network created, defined, and controlled by a central software platform connected by a mix of network technologies including Internet/Broadband, Wireless LTE, Ethernet Local Access, and MPLS. 

  • Link Aggregation & Failover
  • Dynamic Inbound QoS
  • Boost Public Cloud / Hosted VoIP
  • Enhance Managed VPN
  • Cloud Managed QoE



Need to boost your Internet speed for Public Cloud


  • Combines any links with aggregation plus acceleration, delivering the maximum speed available
  • Next-generation performance & cloud management to your existing VPN
  • Market-leading QoS to any VoIP Service or Cloud App, with no dropped calls on failover
  • Active redundancy with seamless failover protection for all your applications
  • Cloud managed CPE to minimize complexity & on-site IT costs
  • nexogy's SD Internet automatically optimizes quality to the customer branch, plus QoE monitoring.
  • SD-Internet at any branch in addition to existing WAN (Hosted VoIP)
  • Additional Broadband circuits unified as SD-Internet
Analytics and reporting
  • nexogy SD Internet provides cloud monitoring and SLA reporting for sites, links & applications 
  • Customer Account & Contact info
  • Solution Sizing
  • Typical ISP circuits used across sites
  • Monitoring Services
  • VPN Environment
  • Advanced Data Services
  • Voice, Data & QoS Requirements

Want to keep your existing VPN, but add software-defined performance and management?

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Right for you:

  • Frustrated by high bandwidth cost?
  • Long Cycles for Branch Deployments & Upgrades
  • Slow VPN & Internet speed / DSL only areas
  • Redundant links in standby mode are not utilized
  • Manual failover / high downtime cost
  • Complaints about VoIP quality over broadband
  • Dispersed locations with no on-site IT support