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SIP Trunks are Business Phone Lines

Experience enterprise communications with SIP trunking. 

With nexogy SIP Trunking, PSTN connectivity is provided through nexogy’s IP Network. Now your call travels the majority of its path over nexogy’s Network instead of on the PSTN and then drops back down to the destination/facility at the last mile.

By implementing nexogy as the carrier, traditional local and international long distance charges are dramatically decreased as the call travels mostly over the IP network and not on the PSTN.



PBX / IP-PBX Integration

  • Compatible with most PBXs
  • Asterisk, Grandstream, and many more
  • Test and Deploy Other Vendors

Admin Portal


  • Call Detail Records
  • Access and Download Recorded Calls
  • Add DIDs to SIP Trunk

Geographical Numbers

  • Numbers in 40+ Countries & 2,500+ Cities
  • Local Dialing for Customers and Vendors
  • Virtual Office

 DID Routing

  • 10 Digit Numbers for Extensions 
  • Unlimited DIDs per Trunk
  • e911 Enabled
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  • Deliver high quality and reliable voice connections
  • this VoIP solution offers significant cost savings and easy scalability as your business grows
  • Boost the effectiveness of your existing PRI-capable PBX equipment

Best LD & INTL rates

  • We've been a Telco Carrier since 1999
  • Access to Tier 1 Carriers in the USA
  • Access to Tier 1 Carriers Globally

Enhanced 911 Service

  • e911 Direct Access
  • Public Safety Access Point Call Routing
  • PSAP Emergency Dispatch


  • 2-Way Inbound/Outbound Calls
  • Inbound Calls Only (Inbound Call Centers)
  • Outbound Calls Only (Outbound Call Centers)

SIP PRI Benefits: Improve the efficiency of your existing PBX

  • Deliver high quality and reliable voice connections
  • This VoIP solution offers significant cost savings and easy scalability as your business grows
  • Boost the effectiveness of your existing PRI-capable PBX equipment

nexogys PRI delivers quality voice channels for inbound and outbound local, long distance and toll-free voice service.

Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 4.52.24 PM 

SIP Trunk Configuration Options

  • Two-Way SIP Trunk (Analog Phone Line Substitution)
  • One-Way SIP Trunk / Inbound (Call Center) 
  • One-Way SIP Trunk / Outbound (International Calls) 
  • Two-Way Sip Trunk (Hybrid-Failover Option)

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Q. What will my host name be?
This is provided by nexogy, and will be in a domain.com format. 

Q. What's the transport?

Q. What's the Telephone URI? 
The user = phone. It's just that simple.

Q. Do you require registration?
YES! Only white-listed IPs can register. 

Q. What is the SIP user? 
This is provided by nexogy, as well, so no worries!

Q. Is the SIP password also provided?
No need, we do IP challenge!

Q. What is the authorization ID?
Provided by nexogy, and is usually the username. 

Q. What's the Codec I'll need?

Q. What's the SIP Port?
It will be provided upon provisioning!

Q. Is an outbound proxy required?
Yes! It depends on your specific requirements depending on the method of transport, UDP or TCP.

Q. What's the DTMF Mode?
RFC 2833

Q. What if my network is inbound only?
Only if selected, number of channels/ports.

Q. What if it's outbound only? 
If selected, number of channels/ports.

Q. What if it's bidirectional?
If selected, total number of channels/ports.