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Virtual Workshops

To better help our Partners provide the highest quality experience to their customers, T3 is beginning a series of virtual workshops to provide a collaborative platform for us all to learn about best practices within the industry.  


These workshops will include topics covering new and/or advanced solutions (such as MS Teams integration or our Omni-Channel communications suite), as well as cover sales, support, and provisioning items that will make your team more effective and efficient.


These workshops are meant to be more than just your standard webinar, where the supplier just speaks to a Powerpoint presentation. 

We intend to use live scenarios and situations that we and our partners are seeing in the market to help guide the forum.  While T3 will put together the topics and agenda for these meetings, we want YOU to also participate in the efforts to create content that is worthwhile, so that we can make them as effective as possible.

The schedule that we have put together for the first 3 workshop sessions is below, and the initial session's subject matter will be on T3's integration with Microsoft Teams.  

Microsoft Teams has seen an increase from ~40 million users in January of last year to over 170 million users currently, driven largely by the move for so many businesses to work remotely.  We believe that leveraging our customers' existing MS Teams environments allows us to bring a ton of value with our UCaaS solution.  

  • Session I: Microsoft Teams Integration

    • Tuesday, May 25th at 3pm Eastern

  • Session II: Stir/Shaken Requirements

    • Tuesday, June 22nd at 3pm Eastern

  • Session III: Omni-Channel Communications Platform

    • Tuesday, July 20th at 3pm Eastern

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