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We are the nexogy leaders. Nice to meet you.

Tuto L
Carlos Lahrssen President and CEO
Felipe L
Felipe Lahrssen Vice President and COO
Juan Canto
Juan Canto CFO
Carlos M
Carlos Mathison VP of Information Systems and Development
Irvin Rodriguez
Irvin Rodriguez Chief Engineer Officer
Brian Asher
Brian Asher National Sales Director
Oliver Green
Oliver Verde Marketing Director
Jorge P
Jorge Padua Sr. VoIP Platform Engineer
George Melendez Customer Satisfation Director
George Melendez Director of Customer Satisfaction
Carlos Lahrssen President and CEO

Carlos Lahrssen is president and CEO of nexogy.

Lahrssen is an industry fan, follower and advocate — staying ahead of the latest telecommunications trends and technologies. Lahrssen specializes in architecting customized VoIP applications. He helps businesses navigate the move to a hosted PBX solution, with a background in the inner workings of Nexogy’s most advanced technologies.

Carlos is actively criticized for his love and affection for every Apple product, including Newton and the apple IIC; do not mention the word "Android" or "Microsoft" as you will forever lose his attention.

Mr. Felipe Lahrssen Vice President and COO

Mr. Felipe Lahrssen co-founded LDTeleCom with Mr. Carlos Lahrssen in 1999. In his current role Mr. Lahrssen is actively involved in strategic planning for the Company and oversees product and service delivery throughout the organization.

Prior to his work at LDTeleCom, Mr. Lahrssen worked at Corporación Vencemos in Venezuela, as industrial production supervisor. Mr. Lahrssen holds a Bachelors Degree in Industrial Engineering from the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello where he was ranked 8th out of 58 in his class. He has also completed two years towards a Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering at the Universidad Simón Bolívar in Caracas, Venezuela.

Felipe is also known for his extreme ability to both cook and eat chicken; don't ask, won't share recipe.

Juan Canto CFO

Juan Canto is CFO for nexogy and LD Telecommunications, Inc., nexogy's parent company.

Canto has been serving as CFO since 2000, and specializes in commercial and corporate banking, as well as U.S. cross-border transactions. Canto helps his clients strategically determine which technologies will have the most financial impact for an organization.

When he goes to a restaurant, he never knows what to order, he always asks everyone what they're having.

Carlos Mathison VP of Information Systems and Development

Carlos Mathison is the VP of Information Systems and Development of nexogy.

Mathison is a web applications professional with more than 10 years of experience planning, managing, developing and delivering web-related products. From front end to back end, he is always focused on the best, cutting-edge and trending user interfaces, making end user experience the ultimate experience.

Carlos started riding road bikes about two months ago and he really, really needs a new helmet. Paypal accepted.

Irvin Rodriguez Chief Engineer Officer

Irvin is a perceptive, results-driven, focused Engineering professional with outstanding success directing a broad range of engineering projects while participating in planning, analyzing, and implementing organizational objectives in a management position.

He excels at ensuring quality assurance and safety secure research and design, systems analysis, and full lifecycle project management of innovative products.

Brian Asher
Brian Asher National Sales Director

Director of National Channel Sales at nexogy,  responsible for enabling and cultivating sales throughout the country. 

Oliver Verde Director of Marketing

Oliver is the Marketing Director

"Mr. Green" is creating all the time... flyers, promotions, raffles, contest, 5Ks, theories, new products, funny stuff always focus on serving our Sales Team (they are very nice guys). Someone said he's kind of a visionary leader with diversified experience developing, driving, and implementing effective sales strategies, leading Sales Teams to help them meet and exceed corporate objectives.

I'm 100% committed to the Galactic Republic. My last Midi-chlorians counting was improving.

Jorge Padua Sr. VoIP Platform Engineer

I believe applications and software always need to look and behave like games. In this world, users keep evolving and they are constantly facing complex situations that are easier to accomplish if they are rewarded with the appropriate feedback. Simple interfaces that help users solve complex problems, is how games are created and how all applications and software should be developed. I'm a true believer and supporter of real gamification strategies not just scores, leveling and badges.

Communication is the core of our business, enabling it is my job. In order to do so I will manage feature definition, planning and progress as well as training. I’m capable of making the tough decisions and knowing when to say “no”. I know when to entrust and when to be hands-on in order to manage the morale and confidence of my teams. I’m a quality gate-keeper and I challenge my team to polish every single feature, design, piece of art or mechanisms when I’m sure they can deliver. I’ve had experience in the use analytics, key metrics and user feedback to determine user trends and behavior. Based on this principle, I've worked and launched applications in many platforms and I'm always open to evaluate and try new technology.

George Melendez Customer Satisfation Director
George Melendez Director of customer Satisfaction

George is Our Contact Center Director

Proven business operations leader with over ten years of experience building, training and leading teams to achieve full execution of operational functions and contribute to the bottom line. 

One of my favorite Quotes: The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”