The Most Important Tool we Offer to our Customers 

Web Portals are web-based services where companies, users, admins, office managers, call center supervisors and even agents can use on a daily basis.

Web portal capabilities range from a simple call forward to a voicemail retrieval; from a password change to a Hunt Group creation, it's so easy to use, and you can configure Auto Attendants on-the-fly using our intuitive Web Portal and even create a Hunt Group and add users to it.

We offer several Web Portal Scopes for all types of users within your organization, and all of them provide Call History at an individual/user basis, the whole organization or Call Center Service. 

This includes:

  • Office Manager: This portal provides access to all information related to the organization that they belong to. Main features are the creation of auto attendants, Hunt Groups and call flows. Password reset for company users is a popular feature for the office manager portal.

  • Basic User: This portal provides access to information for that user only, as well as contacts that are in the domain that they belong to. Main features are creating answering rules like call forward, simultaneous rings and even checking voice mail.

  • Call Center Supervisor: This portal provides access to all queues and agents that the user is managing. The most important feature of the Call Center Supervisor Portal is the use of the Call Whisper, Monitor/Listen Only and Barge-In/Join a call (see above for details on this Call Center Supervisor Features). Advanced reports are also available through this portal.

  • Call Center Agent: This portal has the same access level as Basic User and in addition to that they can view information for the queues they are a member of and they can login/logoff from them as well.