Internet Solution

In the event of an internet service outage, when you need internet service and no cable provider is available, when you're setting a temporary internet connection without a multi-year term, nexogy can provide flexible and customized wireless internet solutions.

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Solution Highlights

Automatic failover protection with wireless backup.
Maintains network availability, unbreakable internet.
Fast wireless connectivity when no other cable provider is available.
Up to 5G network speeds.
Continuous access to cloud-based applications.
Multiple carrier networks through a single source.
No on-site cabling, programming or complex installation required.
Metered or unlimited solutions.
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Industry Use Cases

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The Impact of Internet Downtime

  • No access to cloud-based applications
  • Unable to process point-of-sale transactions
  • Immediate loss of revenue and productivity
  • Inability to update real-time data
  • Affects customer loyalty and brand reputation
  • Interrupts critical data back-up processes

Starting at $59/mo!

☑️ Monthly service with no equipment purchase | ☑️ No carrier contracts

How It Works

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Failover-as-a-Service automatically provides your business with the continuous Internet connection you need to conduct business effectively. In the event of a service outage, Nexogy's wireless the backup solution instantly detects loss of uptime and automatically fails over to one of the two pre-installed wireless networks.

Get Internet Speed You Can Count On

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