Cloud Based Phone System

Cloud-Based Business Telephone Systems

Nexogy's hosted phone system comes with advance PBX features to effectively manage all of your business' communications needs. Schedule Conference Calls, High Definition Voice Quality, Virtual Receptionist, Dial from Outlook, Call Screening, Call Park / Transfer, Voicemail to eMail, Hunt Group and Over 30 Advanced Features  and they are all included in one low monthly price. 

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Cloud Based Call Center

Cloud-Based Call Center

Get your Contact Center in peak-working order- or set up a new Contact Center without the hassle of expensive hardware and complex management- with Nexogy’s Call Center software. Distribute calls beyond the contact center. Automatic Call Distribution may include agents working from home or other remote locations. 

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Mobile Office

Mobile Office

On the go? A complete mobile phone system on your favorite device: combine voice, video, and private chat (IM) into one. Available on your smartphone, tablet, Mac or PC.

  • Crystal-clear HD voice calls.
  • View, send and receive high-resolution HD video. 
  • Real-time digital communication via instant chat message.

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