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Posted on Fri, Nov 2, 2012 @ 11:10 AM by Carlos Lahrssen

mobile workforceRecently, a blog post by TechCrunch’s GD (Ram) Ramkumar (@gramkumar), Bringing Technologies to Mobile Applications, sparked conversation around the author’s three key lessons learned from a mobile entrepreneur:

  1. The mobile app or product must support a daily activity that turns into a habit, helping sustain a business’ activity.
  2. The mobile app needs a “wow” factor that allows the user to establish an emotional connection; it needs a great UX designer onboard from the start.
  3. Create an app that solves a problem consumers already experience.

The last lesson is key. Mobile OS allow us to develop solutions for the average end user or consumer, which move toward more efficient business operations.

In the same thread, we’ve outlined three steps toward achieving mobile success in the workplace. The following steps run through integrating visual voicemail into an office’s processes.

1. Evaluate Daily Processes.

The success of processes your team runs through every day can mean the continued success of your business. Process drives business, and can even drive culture of an organization.

For instance, many teams leave voicemails for colleagues with important, timely information. If teams are mobile, voice messages are better for safe, hands-free options. The process-problem: often voicemail recipients cannot step out of a meeting to actually listen to their messages.

2. Discover Where Technologies Will Improve Workflow Gaps.

Technology changes daily—so keeping up is an undertaking in itself. One technology that helps organizations better use voicemail, for example, is visual voicemail messages. Here, any voicemail you receive is transcribed to text.

If employees don’t have the ability to listen to every message they receive, visual voicemail helps employees preview message content and discern priority voicemails. A system that allows messages to be received and immediately prioritized based on content could decrease hassle and improve hustle.

3. Form a Solution Employees Will Use with Pride.

This mindset is what led the Nexogy team to create visual voicemail options, which allow voicemails to be received how and when employees prefer. By sending the voicemail message via an email or text message, the message is readily scanned and handled efficiently

Creating a solution for a product quirk that employees can get excited about and that makes their lives easier will always be a professional win. When developing a solution, remember to include the following to help “wow” users:

  • Great functionality
  • Ease of use
  • Little questions to operate
  • Host of available features

Final Thoughts

Apps enable solutions that create true impact for your business. The right mobile solution for your business needs will transform the way you work.

We’ve seen it happen with our visual voicemail services—find a solution that focuses on understanding company behaviors, connecting with consumers, and providing a “wow” factor positive response.

Has your business utilized a mobile application to improve its current systems? Tell us your story in the comments section below!


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