Featured Tip: Record Your Calls On The Fly

Posted on Wed, Dec 12, 2012 @ 07:31 AM by Carlos Lahrssen

This week's featured tech tip: record your calls on the fly. There's nothing better than proof of what was said! With Nexogy, it's very simple, and no extra hardware is needed — just follow these 4 steps:


1. Download the Bria softphone for iOS, android, Mac or PC. (Links are featured below.)

2. Enter your username and password. Nexogy will provide these to you by calling support at 1-866-NEXOGY-1.

3. Make your phone call, and click "Record."

4. When your call is finished, your call is recorded. Check your call history list for proof of the recorded call.

Start recording your calls today with the followings links to download on your device:


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