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Freedom. It can be synonymous with mobility, as workforces across the nation and around the world cut cords, unchain from their desks, and kill their desk phones. 

Results. That’s what businesses are seeing as they break free. Flexible, as-you-want-it schedules and options bring with them greater opportunities to collaborate in real-time, which in turn drives more ideas and opportunities for success.

Happier employees. With freedom and results, mobile workforce employees have confidence that their time is well spent, and that solutions are implemented with their needs in mind.

A recent report by the IBM Institute for Business Value indicates that greater mobility provides greater results:

  • More than 50% surveyed for the report indicated more than a 10% gain in overall employee productivity once a mobile policy was implemented.
  • 58% stated faster response times to customer requests.

With mobile office solutions, your employees can communicate with any device from anywhere—all that’s required is internet connectivity from a Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G or LTE network.

Below, we explore the ways communications plans have been rethought to gain access to true mobility and limitless collaboration.

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From Dial Tones to Video Calls

Let’s take a journey into the technology of the past. What was at the cutting edge of technology has proved to be just the beginning of where our technology can go.

For example, in the 1980s trendy “mobile” phones were approximately the size of a small brick, and many came with a special carrying case attached. Want a flashback? Take a look at this:

The days of needing a desk to make a work call are gone. Online video calls, instant messaging, and mobile communications are becoming the norm in our personal lives—why not translate those methods of communication to our business lives as well?

Want to receive work calls to your tablet? It’s simple. As long as you have a strong internet connection, you have the ability to operate where and how you want with solutions to meet your unique business needs.

Connected mobility has become a top priority, according to a 2013 report from Citrix

  • 71% of businesses consider implementation of a mobility strategy as high priority.
  • 74% are accommodating and implementing a BYOD strategy.
  • 24% believe mobile can transform their business and needs to be a number one priority. 

“You’ve Got Mail,” and So Much More

At the start of the internet revolution, web pages were simple, and most people logged on primarily to check email and conduct standard searches. Flash forward a few decades and our search capabilities are robust—and growing daily.

Beyond a simple search and basic websites, browsers are dynamic tools that keep us connected. Consider the following everyday uses: 

  • Personal finance management.
  • Keeping in touch with friends and family on social networks.
  • Streaming music and video.
  • Conference and collaborate with friends or colleagues.
  • Connect to VPNs or CRMs for work at home or in the office. 

Increasingly, this will mean connection through video. AV Magazine’s Paul Milligan reports a prediction that by 2016 video conferencing will be the preferred channel for business communications, over email and voice calls.

Luckily, today’s tech makes HD video calls a breeze. Meeting with your team in real-time one-to-one or in a 3-way conference is simple—possible at the click of a button. 

Business Beyond Devices: Empower, Strengthen Your Workforce

The common thread of new and rapidly advancing business communications technology: greater access to people and information

Businesses that tap into tech that is staying at the edge of these trends can expect a revolution in their collaborative efforts. Employees are already using the internet to stay connected to friends and family, and to manage personal information. Why not utilize the same ideas for a mobile workforce?

Your employees are not cookie cutter; your technology should follow suit. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for how each employee gets the job done best. Unique and individualized process options are truly the future of how businesses will need to exist to meet new demands, empower and strengthen their workforces.

Tap into the truly mobile office for convenient technology that gets more done in less time. Boost employee performance and your bottom-line without additional operation costs. 

Where will technology take tomorrow’s businesses? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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