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Posted on Fri, Sep 21, 2012 @ 10:08 AM by Carlos Lahrssen

TrainingBusinesses have turned to online conference and learning programs to keep employees updated on the latest advances in products, technologies, policies and service skills. Even meetings that previously involved business travel are no longer needed, thanks to the remote collaboration online services provide (saving your business time and money).

Feature-rich online training software brings life and interaction to corporate presentations. Specific features modern online training technology provides are aimed to broaden the instructor's toolset and deepen students' level of engagement. The following are a few of our favorite capabilities:

Track User Participation and Instantaneous Feedback

Give your employees credit for their time. Tracked user participation and instantaneous feedback options provide immediate credit and praise.

Options to poll the audience or provide feedback during the presentation through asking and answering questions will also allow employees to feel they are an important, engaged member of your meeting or training session.

Host Breakout Groups

Not all training topics require the time and attention of every employee. Show employees that you value their time with online meeting segmentation for hosted breakout groups.

Segment sessions based on similar interests, experiences, customers or departments to efficiently meet specific training needs and only share what employees need to hear.

Record and Edit Sessions for Future Use

Working around multiple employee schedules to coordinate meeting times can be a challenging administrative task.

With recording and editing features, online meeting software provides an on-demand solution. Record the presentation, and allow employees to view the workshop whenever best fits their schedules. Recorded conferences and online training webinars also serve as a refresher reference. Editing options allow you to make necessary changes, updates or follow-ups that occur post your initial live taping.

Upload Supplemental Learning Materials

Some of the best presentations leave participants wanting to learn more. House a comprehensive database of resources for your team or customers with online training software that provides options store and share supplemental resources.

Consider loading a quick fact sheet to help employees remember presentation highlights. Larger documents or discussion topics can serve as additional informational supplements, encouraging participants to dive deeper into relevant topics while attention is piqued.

Engage with Simple, User-Friendly Design

Employees familiar with traditional, in-person training systems or conferences may be apprehensive about trying a new system based primarily on technology. Ease concerns by demonstrating an online training system that’s quick and easy to use.

Eliminate fears that the system will be unnecessarily complicated. Provide employees with quick demos or resource materials that showcase the hassle-free, easy-to navigate environment.

Final Thoughts

Features including quick collaboration, ease of use and additional reference materials make online training a business asset, especially for the mobile workforce.

What features do your employees find useful when completing their online training? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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