The Call Center: Solutions to 3 Top Customer Complaints

Posted on Wed, Jan 30, 2013 @ 04:48 PM by Carlos Lahrssen

call centerAnyone who has ever dialed into a call center or customer service help lines knows that the experience can vary greatly each time you pick up the phone. From the amount of time you spend in the virtual waiting room to the way an attendant answers your call, each factor makes a difference.

The way you feel after the call can linger, leaving an overall positive or negative brand association based on how your inquiry was handled by the person on the other side of the line. A negative call center experience can even prevent a customer from calling back. It is crucial for companies to understand this and keep this notion top of mind in call center operations.

Below, we’ve outlined 3 common call center pet peeves and showcase how our Nexogy call center system addresses each of these customer concerns.

1. “Please hold, a representative will be with you shortly after a long while…”

No one likes to wait—certainly not your customers. Show them that you value their time, and make it an operations goal to continually improve responsiveness.

Find a solution that assists, with features that can organize and prioritize contacts by hold time or total call time and can alert representatives when duration limits have been reached. Assign calls to those that have been idle the longest and set overflow actions to direct calls to another line or voicemail if too many calls enter a single queue.

For an example of this technology in action, click to learn more about Nexogy’s ACD queue.

2. Your call has been successfully transferred. Can you repeat everything you just said?

We’ve all experienced it. Longer call durations because a problem needs repeated after the customer is transferred to another representative, and another, and another.

Don’t test your customers’ patience levels. Help route them to the right contact from the start using a solution that picks up in one ring, such as Nexogy’s auto attendant/interactive voice responder (IVR), and quickly directs them to the person they most need to speak with.

Have systems in place on the backend to quickly transfer information compiled from one representative to another if a transfer is absolutely necessary to best meet their needs.

This can be done through variable data transfers that move your information with the call. Doing so allows information transcribed from one representative to be stored in a system, such a customer relationship management system (CRM), which will allow for quick data collection from any other representative who may need to reference that information a later time.

3. May I please speak to your supervisor immediately!

No one likes a bad attitude, and when it comes to customer service, serving it up with a smile is mandatory. Poor attitudes can cause anger levels of callers to rise and create ill-will toward your company through association.

As a method of overall quality assurance of the calls that enter your center, take advantage of center monitoring solutions, such as monitor, coach and barge-in.

Listen in without the agent knowing to monitor and supervise the call, and barge-in if necessary to speak with both the representative and caller through means of a three-way call.

Or, consider the coach feature, so representatives will know you’re also on the call, allowing them to showcase their skills and improve their performance based on your suggestions. Provide real-time training scenarios to prepare your reps for peak performance each time they answer your customer’s call. 

Have you ever had to resolve any of these common customer complaints? Share your story in the comment section below.

Be honest—does your customer call center experience make the grade? Learn more about technologies that really improve the experience.


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