The Case for Visual Voicemail: Employee Productivity

Posted on Wed, Oct 3, 2012 @ 10:08 AM by Carlos Lahrssen

visual voicemailDo you find leaving and listening to voicemail inconvenient? Audible voicemail is quickly becoming a thing of the past, replaced by the convenience of text.

“Checking one's voicemail seems to be considered an even a bigger chore than leaving a voice message,” reports a September USA Todayarticle.

The alternative to checking voicemails is a more convenient format: visual voicemail provides an easy-to-read, instant message that helps employees prioritize voice messages. Below, we’ve outlined a few of the many benefits visual voicemail brings to your workplace as it increases employee efficiency.

Readable Voicemail Messages

Throughout a busy workday, employees may not have time to listen, decipher and make note of voicemails. Hectic or loud workspaces can also make listening to voicemail difficult, and may force employees to stay late or come in early to take a listen.

Messages that can be read rather than listened to eliminate the hassle of waiting for an appropriate time to take care of a missed call. Employees simply glance at their phone or email while in meetings—or during other instances where it would be considered rude to pick up the phone to listen to an audio voicemail—without the extra step of a dial-in to work inboxes.

For added quality assurance, in the case that a transcribed text translation appears inaccurate, voicemail text is paired with a .wav sound file for listening on the fly.

Priority Messages

Having an extra, transcribed copy of all voicemail messages also helps employees visually prioritize calls received to determine response time and priority. Use visual voicemail to scan through transcribed messages and determine which messages, if any, need immediate action.

Consider this use case—if a voicemail is high priority and you’re stuck in a meeting, you can simply forward the transcription to a colleague who can start work on the response. It’s something you may not have been able to do if you had to wait until after the meeting to listen to the voicemail then start on next steps.

Never Miss a Message

Messages received via visual voicemail leave a paper trail and audio archive record. For businesses in highly regulated industries, voicemail records can be critical in terms of compliance posture and customer records.  

Maintain digital copies of messages you may accidentally delete from audio voicemail record, and keep track of all information important to your team in a centralized location.

Final Thoughts

Visual voicemails give employees the option to receive messages in the format they prefer, with a more certain guarantee the message delivered will always be received.

Check out Nexogy’s visual voicemail solutions. Tell us how visual voicemail has impacted your business in the comments section below, or contact a Nexogy representative to get started with the service today.

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