Welcome to Nexogy’s New Business Communications Blog!

Posted on Fri, Aug 31, 2012 @ 01:28 PM by Carlos Lahrssen

Are you ready for practical telecommunications advice that can improve your business’ mobility, productivity and control? We’re ready to start that conversation too.

Welcome to the new Nexogy blog.

As more businesses consider the move to the cloud, hosted IP telephony is an area where businesses can start the move with immediate impact. We’ll share our experiences, and we’ll break down our most advanced hosted PBX technologies into the real-life features that your business needs to remain relevant and thrive.

Consider the business benefits of a modern, hosted communications network for your business, including:

  • Business continuity and growth planning. As your business grows, advanced IP-phone systems can scale and integrate with future systems.
  • Efficiency and productivity of collaborative workforce. Access to communications and social business data mean employees can collaborate from anywhere.
  • Improved availability to customers for better service. Answering systems that follow your representatives through their day, from desk to cell, give customers anytime access.
  • Enterprise features at an SMB cost. Provide your team and your customers with a professional experience each time they call—from incoming call management to CRM integration—experience end-to-end quality, at an affordable price.

Our team has experience helping businesses achieve these benefits and more. It’s our aim to bring our experiences and lessons learned here through the blog.

Learn more about Nexogy, our leadership and the communications technology that can improve your business — and connect with our team online!

Looking forward to future conversations, 

 — Carlos (@lahrssen)


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