A Quality Business Phone System Can Accommodate Road Warriors

Posted on Wed, Nov 12, 2014 @ 03:06 PM by Carlos Lahrssen

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In today's work force, telecommuting and traveling are becoming commonplace for employees. A large part of business success can now depend on the ability to reach employees and owners who are traveling as well as having phone capabilities while traveling. Conducting business at a distance or on the road presents challenges, but also has benefits for businesses in the form of cost savings and employee satisfaction. 

Hosted phone systems can provide the accessibility businesses desire by making it easy to reach team members in different locations. A centralized phone system can tie together various methods of contacting someone, decreasing confusion and wasting less time when making phone calls. 

Centralized Phone Systems Can Keep Business Data Secure

When employees are using their own devices to make business calls, the security of the entire system depends on their own personal security. Phone systems can require special log ins and passwords that allow the system to retain its security no matter the personal practices of the employee. 

Phone systems can also monitor access so that unauthorized users can't get to sensitive information. Security software with encryption is used to prevent hacking and unwanted intrusions. 

Connecting Personal Devices to the System

As so often happens with technology, the ubiquity of cell phones can cause an unhealthy interaction between personal life and business. 

Modern phone systems contain the ability to route calls to users' personal phones and devices while keeping the phone numbers associated with the business intact. The ease with which customers and team members can get in touch with the person(s) they need to speak to, when they need them is a great advantage of these phone systems. 

Employees will also be glad not to have to give out their personal cell phone numbers to clients or co-workers who may abuse the privilege. Hosted phone systems preserve the boundaries between work and personal life while keeping workers accessible when they need to be. Furthermore, the accessibility is through a business system that keeps interactions professional and separate from personal contact.

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Phone Systems Can Keep Employees Accountable

Along with encouraging professionalism, phone systems can also track business communications in ways that aren't possible when employees use their personal devices for business purposes. Many businesses need to track and record phone calls to satisfy government regulations, so tying calls into the business phone system isn't just nice, it's a necessity. 

Business phone systems that extend to mobile use also allow for analysis and evaluation of calls made, which can be used for further training or to reward employees for meeting goals and other accomplishments. 

Having all employees, even telecommuters and those traveling, tied into a central phone system has great benefits for employees and owners alike. It is difficult to manage employees that are distant from the company's headquarters or main location, and using the varied features of a business phone system can help bridge that gap.

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