How Can Mobility Benefit my Business?

Posted on Thu, Aug 20, 2015 @ 09:18 AM by Carlos Lahrssen

Mobility lets your team do everything they do in the office remotely - on any device.In today’s heavily cloud-based workplaces, business mobility extends to more than just IT. The ability for employees to connect from any device, anytime from virtually any location is becoming more than just an organizational goal - it’s becoming the norm.

In modern business, companies use mobile technology in some way or another - whether it’s in field reporting, using cloud storage or operating a remote call center. However, less businesses have truly optimized their wireless technologies and the way their teams use them. Today’s customers are plugged in around the clock; so, too, should growing businesses be. Communication mobility through the cloud allows this, and is something all business leaders should leverage to gain better standing with both their customers and their own teams.

Create and Innovate Anywhere

The strongest benefit of business mobility is the free range it gives your team to collaborate remotely. 24/7 cloud connectivity has forever changed the way organizations communicate, both with themselves and with customers. This is a reality of modern business, and companies that don’t embrace what mobile technology has made possible will fall behind of companies that do. From personal mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, your business’s team can collaborate and innovate anywhere and anytime. The rules of business intelligence have evolved.

Mobility is particularly powerful for organizations with multiple call centers, field agents or remote access requirements. Mobile technology and availability anywhere allow companies to stay responsive both inside and out of the office. Empowering your team with mobile communications - which can be coordinated through personal mobile devices - drives both work efficiency and improved sales retention.

Connectivity for All

Business mobility isn’t limited to company laptops in the field or at home. With hosted mobility solutions, everyone in your company can work from their own personal devices, wherever they might be. This includes Web-enabled tablets, smartphones and even smartwatches - anything that can connect to the Web can be used as an instrument to drive your business.

These devices allow users to complete work assignments with as much efficiency in the field as they would have in the office (if not more so). This includes:

  • Making and receiving calls out of the office on personal devices via the cloud. Call center agents or supervisors do not have to be on-premises to complete tasks, and can instead work from anywhere with an Internet connection

  • Sending and receiving business faxes via email on any device

  • Automatically receiving company voicemails as email attachments anywhere, at any time

  • Keeping a real-time record of calls made remotely through a centralized interface

Mobility in the business world is becoming less of a trend and more of a standard. Increased staff productivity, customer satisfaction and faster, more accurate data reporting have made communications mobility an essential practice for small-medium businesses - regardless of industry or size.

Mobility for the Future of Your Business

Beyond improving the way those within your business connect and share information, mobility as a business strategy prepares organizations for future success. One of the biggest challenges small businesses - particularly those with busy seasons or fluctuating markets - face is that of scalability.

Too often, these organizations over-purchase communications systems in busy periods, and many then cannot support these systems in off-seasons. As team members can connect and work from their personal mobile devices, this risk of inaccurate scaling is largely avoided.

For businesses that operate entirely on the Web, mobility also enables hiring from a limitless pool of potential candidates. “Virtual employees” can be hired anywhere, letting small businesses use the cloud to overcome geographical hiring restrictions.

As Forbes technology writer Scott Hamilton states in his blog:

We are witnessing one of the greatest paradigm shifts in modern business with the tremendous growth of a mobile workforce. Work is no longer limited to an office, desk, or computer. Employees can work anywhere they have an Internet connection, causing a prolific increase in the number of mobile workers.”

Business mobility isn’t an industry fad, or even optional anymore; it’s the new norm for young companies and the well-established.


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