[Industry News] Can a URL Replace Your Phone Number?

Posted on Fri, Dec 11, 2015 @ 10:00 AM by Carlos Lahrssen

url_replace_phone.jpgnexogy is consistently adapting the latest technologies—like WebRTC—and preparing them for SMBs and enterprise infrastructures.

Dries Plasman, Vice President of Product Management at Voxbone, discusses how the arrival of WebRTC is eliminating phone numbers as the main approach for communication. This article addresses how WebRTC technology allows your browser or mobile device to act as a phone. 

"The advent of WebRTC is opening an interesting door: the ability to use a URL as a way for anyone to contact you. WebRTC is the technology that allows your browser or a mobile device to operate as a phone. Because of this, all that’s needed is a “click-to-call” link or button on a Web page for initiating a connection with the URL that represents the recipient’s end-point of the call. These buttons have existed for a while already, but what changes with WebRTC is that browsers no longer need plug-ins, and that the end-point is addressed using a standard URL.

A simple implementation would be a URL that connects to a SIP end-point, such as a SIP phone. Anyone clicking on the URL in a WebRTC-capable browser (currently Chrome, Firefox, and Opera) would instantly set up a call from the browser (on a device equipped with a microphone and speakers) to the corresponding SIP phone. By assigning a defined URL to each employee in a company, all of your staff could also have a personal “URL to call,” in addition to a traditional phone number. Contact management systems like Microsoft Office offer the ability to add a Web site (or URL) in a contact info list. As such, it would be easy for your customers, friends and family to store a URL they can click-to-call you from their smartphone, tablet or laptop."

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