Investigating the Benefits of Inexpensive IP Phone Systems

Posted on Wed, Oct 8, 2014 @ 05:05 PM by Carlos Lahrssen

Some people are naturally skeptical of IP phone systems, because they are so much less expensive than traditional landline systems. How can a telecommunications system do so much for such a low cost? The answer is internet broadband technology, which connects different parts of the globe at a much lower cost than the copper wire systems that preceded the internet.

IP Phone systemsCopper wiring provided the world with excellent, if expensive telecommunications.
If you're worried that an IP phone system won't meet your business telecommunications needs, perhaps you should investigate further. Today's IP phone systems are remarkably advanced, and let your business do more for a lower cost. Here is a comparison between landlines and IP phone systems on several key points.

Calling Costs

Landlines - expensive. While there are flat rate plans available, many businesses use metered plans, which can result in unpredictable and high monthly bills. International calling rates are steep too.

IP Phone Systems - very inexpensive. Not only is unlimited long distance included in most low-cost flat rate plans, international calls are far less expensive than with landline systems.


Landlines - requires a technician. In fact, a technician must be called in for most repairs, when you rearrange your office space, or when you move to a different office space.

IP Phone Systems - can be done by someone without IT training. Generally, if you can send an email, you have the ability to set up an IP phone system, a process which can be done through a user-friendly web portal.

Equipment Requirements

Landlines - extensive. Trunking equipment and wiring are required on the premises, and setup can take considerable time, particularly for larger organizations or call centers.

IP Phone Systems - minimal. Routers, PCs, and headsets / handsets are basically all that's needed. Wiring doesn't have to be run, and setup is quick, even if you're setting up a call center.

Up-Front Costs
IP Phone systemsLandline systems come with many hidden costs that can really add up.
Landlines - high. A full-featured landline business phone system usually involves high initial investment. In fact, many companies mortgage these costs into their monthly bills, causing bills to be even higher than expected.

IP Phone Systems - low. Your main expense is the headsets or handsets, and some phone providers include these as part of your monthly flat rate.

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Landlines - outstanding. While landlines aren't invulnerable, they set the bar quite high for reliability.

IP Phone Systems - improving rapidly. An internet outage can make your system temporarily inoperable, but many systems offer near-instantaneous rerouting to mobile devices.

Call Quality

Landlines - outstanding. Copper wire transmits sounds faithfully and clearly.

IP Phone Systems - equally outstanding. Call quality was a problem with early VoIP systems, but with widespread broadband coverage, voice quality has come to equal that of landline systems.

Feature Selection

Landlines - great, but expensive. A landline system with the features today's business needs (like ring groups, find me-follow me, and conferencing) is expensive, and adding features beyond the basic ones costs even more.

IP Phone Systems - excellent. Even basic IP phone systems include a suite of features that help calls reach their recipient, and you can get features like video conferencing, presence information, voicemail transcription, and more as part of the basic feature package.

Mobile Integration

Landlines - available, but may not be a standard part of the base package

IP Phone Systems - available and easy. Employees won't have to hand out personal mobile numbers, and callers can use one number and be confident they'll reach their contact, even if he's not in the office.


Landlines - complex and expensive. Adding lines is a chore, and many companies buy extra lines up front that go unused until more people are hired. This is expensive and wasteful of resources.

IP Phone Systems - easy and fast. You can add lines for new hires the day they start work, and if you have a seasonal business, it's easy to scale the number of lines up or down as needed, using an intuitive web portal.


There's simply no reason not to evaluate IP phone systems when it's time to upgrade your business phones. Landlines were great for their time, but today's IP phone systems offer an amazing array of features, low up-front and monthly costs, and easy installation, scalability, and portability. 

Nexogy is a leading provider of IP phone systems for business, and also offers WiMax dedicated high speed internet for business. Nexogy's phone systems give you the call quality and great features your business needs, at a cost that's affordable even for small businesses.

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Carlos Lahrssen is president of Nexogy.

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