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Posted on Thu, Mar 23, 2017 @ 04:01 PM by Oliver Verde

Mobile_WorkersThe mobile workforce has set a new standard for business communications. An AT&T article cited they added almost 500,000 mobile devices in the last quarter, and these sales on tablets and smartphones are only continuing to climb!

It’s clear the demand for a mobile workforce is becoming a precedent for most companies; the question is: How do you keep up with these constantly evolving changes? This can be achieved with the proper hosted VoIP solution. This 24/7 connectivity (provided there’s an Internet connection) opens doors for maximum efficiency and ROI!Let’s go into these benefits for your phone system for business:


Offering flexible options for employees to work at home if they have a doctor’s appointment or commitment such as a sick child can go a long way for an employer. This provides more opportunities to be productive outside of office hours, and puts the power of getting the job done to the employee.

Not feeling enslaved to your desk and working in a coffee shop or their couch can make workers feel more comfortable, and eliminate distractions from the office such as chatty co-workers or phone calls.

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It’s also peace of mind for an employer, because cloud VoIP is secure, and you don’t need the worker to switch numbers between personal and office. Everyone wins.

One Central Repository

No matter what device you’re on, with enabled mobility, you can access everything you need to; no questions asked. Even if you’re at home or a board meeting, you’re able to stay connected.

By having a portal, virtual telephone number and centralized app, you can make calls, send and receive texts, and manage all your required phone settings quickly. At nexogy, we have an app available that gives you all your phone system features on-the-go!

No Contracts

Being stuck in a contract can be extremely limiting for businesses, especially if there was hardware required at the time. With cloud VoIP, you aren’t constricted by a 1 or 2-year contract. Often, there are 30-day risk-free trials, as well as month-to-month arrangements so you can manage the budget – even if you grow or shrink.


This makes onboarding new employees very easy too, as all you need to do to enable mobility is for them to download the app on their computer or smartphone.

Streamlined Processes

Not having to jump from one device to another, or one program to another can do wonders for productivity. The less time your employees spend on mindless administrative work, the more they can dedicate their full potential to servicing customers and bringing revenue into the business. All this can be made possible using mobility and the right phone system for business.

All of this can happen at an affordable rate – so what’s not to love? Getting mobile – and staying mobile – means you’re keeping up with the demands of today’s communications landscape. Are you ready to upgrade to an ongoing system that works as hard as you do?

If so, learn more about our phone system for small business below:

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