nexogy celebrated the 20th Anniversary

Posted on Fri, Jul 5, 2019 @ 01:33 PM by Oliver Verde

Since 1999, nexogy has provided customized communication solutions for thousands of businesses. We proudly celebrated our 20th anniversary at the Lincoln's Beard Brewing Co., in honor of this milestone. As a team excited about delivering top level service, we're expected to deliver high-tech communication for many years to come. Here's what continues to contribute to the success of nexogy. Lincolns_beards

What's Behind nexogy's 20 Years Of Excellence 

With the development of long distance services in Florida and several countries in Latin America, came the decision to create a regional brand network for all of Latin America. The development in Latin America gave way to successful partnerships in Venezuela, Peru, Argentina, and the United States. In fact, in the U.S., nexogy has been able to create and operate a center of technology. Ironically, they were able to discover that everything related to technology was located in the United States. Much like being compared to the capital in Latin America, nexogy came up with the idea of marketing their products to Hispanics in America. 

How nexogy Continued To Build On Their Unparalleled Success 

In 2004, a demand for corporate customer solutions allowed them to tailor specific communication technology to satisfy their corporate requests. In fact, one of those trophy customers happens to be the Corporation Andina de Fomento (CAF). The partnership lead to a huge success. nexogy was able to install a known gateway that happens to be an old premise thing for CAF which also led to an eye opening agenda to continue working towards building a professional relationship with their corporate customers. They were able to make a service agreement in the states that allowed the development of a technology provider in the United States and began to offer hosted PBX communications. Their business phone system network in the cloud turned out to be a success. 

The Development Of nexogy Over The Past Decade 

All of their PBX cloud technology is set up on their private servers and the equipment they have at NAP of The Americas. They have been able to strategically set their server location based on redundancy and up-time. Consequently, nexogy has been able to offer this service to their corporate customers. As a small business, their customers receive a range of features and benefits for their daily communication needs. If these businesses had to do it for themselves, it would cost a tremendous amount of time and effort for their company. They provide the technicians and infrastructure your business needs to communicate at nexogy. 

 Why Corporate Professionals Choose nexogy 

Our voice over IP has been evolving in line with the current internet infrastructure and providing better access to our customers. nexogy's network operates on a Tier 3 network running full BGP with the following Tier 1 network providers: AT&T, Level 3 Communications, Telia Carriers, Internap Network Services, and Verizon Enterprise Solutions and one Tier 2 provider: Cogent Communications. We are also a Wireless Internet Service Provider with full ownership of the wireless network and full redundancy between the POPs using dedicated and redundant fiber connections. All traffic to/from our Wimax customers is handled by our core routers located at the NAP of The Americas. 

After 20 years of continued success, if you would like to join our network of communication experts, you're invited to contact us at nexogy for today. Together, everyone achieves more! 



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