Phone Systems Over the Years: A Look Back

Posted on Fri, Apr 17, 2015 @ 07:15 PM by Carlos Lahrssen

Phone systemsAs we take a look at the phone systems of years gone by, think about this: What would your business be like now if it used a blast-from-the-past phone system? The changes seen in the telecommunications industry over the last 20-50 years have truly been astounding.

Remember when...

Remember when your phone line really had a line? Being chained to your desk had a much more literal meaning when your phone was attached to a cord and another cord ran into the wall. Being "away from your desk" really meant being inaccessible in those times.

Today's phone systems have the ability to ring at your desk and on your mobile device simultaneously, so you won't miss anything when you take a trip to the water cooler.

Remember when hanging up on someone required your entire arm to move as you slammed the phone into the cradle? There's not quite the same satisfaction to be gained from today's touch screen phones and computer interfaces. And woe to today's cell user if they fail to touch the screen enough and the call remains live.

Remember when you actually had to "dial" a number? Around and around and around - a person could get dizzy. You could tell who the hardest-working salespeople were from the size of the callouses on their dialing finger. And if you had oversized fingers - good luck!

Remember those days of shopping for phones? Did you want the olive green one or the cherry red? If you bought a subscription to Sports Illustrated, you could even get one that looked like a football for free, although the reception was reported to be awful.

Today, you don't even need an actual phone to get calls. Computers and tablets can serve the same function without a further investment in new equipment.
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Remember when long distance charges could eat up your profits faster than a teenage boy in a growth spurt? If your London office had a crisis, nobody's bonuses were safe.

Today's phone systems include long distance within the same country, with many affordable options for international calling, depending on the device used.

Remember when the gum-chewing receptionist knew everybody's business? She could tell you who was calling who, and who was taking a 2-hour lunch on company time. She had everyone's friendship, if they wanted to get their calls sent to the right place and have their secrets kept.

Today, your phone system's virtual receptionist will get all your calls to you, no schmoozing necessary.

Remember when you had to actually walk to your colleagues' offices if you wanted to see them face-to-face? Having a meeting with the Houston office meant getting on a plane and flying to Houston.  

Today's phone systems make video conferencing an easy and effective way to connect with employees anywhere the system operates - whether down the hall or across the globe.

Although it's fun to walk down memory lane and remember how phones used to be, today's cloud phone systems offer unparalleled versatility and opportunity, especially for today's small businesses.

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