The Internet May be Replacing Your Phone Number… Here’s Why

Posted on Tue, May 3, 2016 @ 08:00 AM by Carlos Lahrssen

 Replacing_Your_Phone_Number.jpgAn article by Tech Guru Daily has brought some interesting points to light about the power of the Internet in today’s society. Take a moment and think about the last time you’ve made a phone call with your smartphone--and no, Facebook Messenger or Skype doesn’t count.

… It’s probably been awhile, hasn’t it? According to a survey from Deloitte of 4,000 adults, 25% of them with a smartphone hadn’t made a single call through their mobile network in a whole week. Just 3 years ago, this percentage has increased exponentially from 4%. So what does this say about the way we communicate? Let’s peel back the onion to further understand how social media and apps have changed the way we talk to each other.

Business Communications

Business has turned into a global conversation rather than a local venture. If you have an Internet connection, you’re plugged into thousands and even millions of other viewers who can see, comment, and talk with you.

The same also applies for other business partners, affiliates, sponsors, customers, and more--the world is always on, and there are many ways to facilitate communication past your smartphone’s mobile carrier.

For business meetings in other cities or countries you can Skype--which, according to the article, is “is already their most preferred means of communication”--you can dial in and talk as long as both parties have an Internet connection.

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With all of that great technology at our fingertips, who needs a phone number?

Are Phone Numbers Becoming Obsolete?

Is this the beginning of the end for phone numbers and mobile carriers? Is the Internet permanently replacing your phone number? Probably not. You could parallel this notion with the thought that print is going extinct, yet it persists.

That said, we want to add to the points presented in this article:

  • With more people using the Internet for communication, we need to explore making this connection as convenient and secure as possible.
  • It’s important to be aware of new up-and-coming technology in your industry so you can be ahead of the curve. That way, you can give your customers a head’s up for anything new you’ll be implementing.
  • Phone numbers or not--the future lies in having information in real-time. Although many will still continue to use conventional phone lines, alternative options are becoming quicker and more affordable.

What did you think of the article? We here are nexogy, which stands for next technology, are pioneers of finding convenient and revolutionary technology to streamline your business communications.

We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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